3 things to know today

Have a Party with Your Bear Day

The Teddy bear has been part of American culture since the Theodore Roosevelt administration. For “”Have a Party with Your Bear Day,”” you can pay tribute to your cherished bear buddy, who was there for you long after your imaginary friend disappeared.

UA finds success in new resuscitation

Survival rates following cardiac arrest went up 300 percent when emergency responders used Cardiocerebral Resuscitation, a new resuscitation approach for cardiac arrest developed at UA’s Sarver Heart Center. The new technique, which does away with mouth-to-mouth breathing, had a 9 percent survival rate in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims compared to 3 percent with CPR, according to data the Emergency Medical Services in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

“”Ask a Tranny Anything”” during Q-and-A session

As part of Transgender Awareness Week, students can ask questions to a panel of transgender, transsexual and gender-queer people today at 6:30 p.m. in the Catalina Room of the Student Union Memorial Center. The event is sponsored by The University of Arizona’s Center for Student Involvement and Leadership and Wingspan’s Southern Arizona Gender Alliance.