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Mailbox: April 20

Letter to the editor

As students, it is important to be aware of the upcoming May 18th Arizona Special Election where voters will have the opportunity to vote on Proposition 100, a referendum that will temporarily increase Arizona’s sales tax by one percent to protect education, public safety and health care. That is why I am grateful that the Arizona Daily Wildcat Editorial Board put in their “”one cent”” on the issue. I am especially grateful that the Daily Wildcat has recognized the consequences if voters reject Prop. 100 and encouraged readers to vote Yes on 100.

All Wildcats will be adversely impacted if Prop. 100 doesn’t pass, which is why the Arizona Students’ Association has worked so diligently to register, educate, and mobilize students to vote Yes on 100. As an organization that works for affordable and accessible higher education in Arizona, this is our moment and our fight.

The facts are clear: if Prop. 100 doesn’t pass, the UA alone would see an additional $42 million worth of budget cuts. That would bring the total university system cuts to $350 million over the past two years, or over 30 percent. That means students could face an additional $1,000 at minimum of a tuition increase, faculty salaries and financial aid will be cut. That’s why this is our fight and why you should vote Yes on 100!

— Elma Delic

Board Chair, Arizona Students’ Association

Comments from

On ‘Our one cent on Prop. 100,’ April 19

I am voting against Prop. 100 because it is promoted as a “”temporary”” tax.

There is no such thing as a temporary tax! Three years from now the state legislator will quietly renew the tax. Voters will be indifferent to continuing the tax because it will no longer be new. Government never decreases in size, it only increases.

— Anonymous

On ‘Did Arizona make this the worst week ever?’ April 19

Tom, hopefully you will stay in Arizona once you graduate and help turn this ship around. We need all the help we can get.

— UA Alum

‘Whatever, because at least we’ll be able to freely and anonymously carry guns into elementary schools’

There are good reasons not to support this legislation, but this isn’t one of them. 18 U.S.C 922(q) prohibits carrying firearms into a school zone — by federal law.

— Anonymous

What a liberal! First of all, you expose yourself as a wuss not being able to handle something new from KFC. I bet youre one of those girly men with low cut shirts that go to Core or IQ Fresh. Seriously, KFC is truly American; you talk trash about KFC, youre a communist. Second, you hate our new gun law. This is only what is gonna allow us to defend ourselves better from those dam illegals that come over the border. Yes we should be allowed to have guns with us. This is Arizona, the last true American Wild West. Unless youre in Phoenix or on the UA campus, this state is pretty rural. Your nearest cop is at least 30 minutes away, and his nearest backup may be an additional hour away. Guns are best in the hands of good law-abiding citizens. Then you hate the new immigration bill. All it means is, those dam illegals are gonna need another, of the other 3, states to illegally enter this country. Hell, they could go to liberal-ass California, where they just seem to take so much pride in harboring illegal aliens. I cant understand how everybody is sympathizing for them. Theyre lawbreakers that’s that. They may be doing it for a better life, but there is a right and a wrong way to come to America. I have not regretted moving to Arizona just last year to come to the UA. I’m beginning to dread returning to home in California because that place is infested with democrats. This is Arizona. God’s country. No gang members or illegal aliens are gonna take that away from this beautiful state. I love the direction this state is heading in.

— Anonymous


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