Campus ‘Cats: Going downtown with Billy Joel

Kelsey Ahlmark

Peggy Castillo, English literature senior

Uptown or downtown?
Depends on which city we’re talking about. Downtown New York is lots of fun but so is uptown. A lot of the museums are in uptown and so is Central Park, along with the really good shopping on Fifth Avenue. And it’s really pretty during the holiday season. Downtown Tucson is a really cool place, has really good food and cute shops. I just never have the time to go.

What is your favorite era for clothing?
The early ’40s – think “”The Notebook.”” Everyone was always so well put together. Women weren’t fully dressed unless they had on a hat and gloves and an overcoat. Men were so stylish and elegant. Not at all like what you see today, especially on our campus with everyone looking unkempt and messy.

What is special about your hometown, Green Brook, N.J.?
Right now the leaves are red and gold and falling from the trees. The whole area is ablaze with color. And my boyfriend is there and has been for the last three and a half years. To take a line from Billy Joel, “”Whenever we’re together, that’s my home.””

Who would you most like to meet?
Who wouldn’t I like to meet? Perhaps Beethoven. He must have been absolutely fascinating.

Top three musicians on your iPod?
Led Zeppelin, Billy Joel and a tie between Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Carl Orff.