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Diversity program receives funds for conference

Jessie Webster

Associated Students of the University of Arizona Sen. Brooke Serack talks about a new textbook exchange website during an ASUA Senate meeting in the Student Union Memorial Center on Wednesday. ASUA will discuss the new website with the UA BookStores before making any decisions regarding it.

The ASUA Diversity program received funding for a conference in Oregon and a textbook exchange platform was discussed at the weekly ASUA Senate meeting Wednesday afternoon.

The Associated Students of the University of Arizona diversity director Jose Guadalupe Conchas presented a budget of $2,666 to send seven people to the diversity conference in Oregon in November.

Despite the proposal of a new budget for fewer people, ASUA Sen. Michael Finnegan asked that the proposal be amended so the new revised budget was $1,500.

ASUA Sen. William Box asked why such a severe cut was needed and Finnegan said while he appreciated funding for diversity, he also felt the money needed to be kept aside for the future.

ASUA Sen. Brooke Serack responded and suggested they cut $280 from the budget for food. Box agreed with Serack, saying the cut to $1,500 was a bit extreme and that it was more sensible to cut the $280 for food.

Conchas told the senate the money would have to come from their line item. Conchas also informed the senate that currently when the cultural centers need money for a project, they go to the diversity office rather than to the senate.

He emphasized that by allotting the extra $700 in the budget rather than making the diversity office pay, it would be an investment for the senate. Conchas also said the cultural centers would be able to continue to come to the diversity office to ask for assistance for projects rather than coming to senate meetings and asking for more than they need.

The senate asked Conchas if it was possible for the financial burden to be shouldered somewhat more on those who would be attending the conference.

A new amendment was then proposed based on the calculated costs of removing the budget for food, raising the cost for the diversity department to $500 and raising the out-of-pocket cost for those attending to $9. The new proposed budget was $1,700.

The amendment to make the budget $1,500 was rejected, but the amendment to change the budget to $1,700 was approved.

“It is really beneficial because they have learned something and will instill a program not instilled before,” Serack said. “ASUA lacks a diversity initiative. They have worked hard, and I think they will really bring back something special.”

Serack and ASUA Sen. Elena Gold then proposed an option for a textbook exchange that ASUA has been working to implement.

They proposed the senate look into a website called, which specializes in textbook exchanges. Serack informed the senate that the website does not charge students for its use and works to offer the best possible deal on textbooks.

“No gimmicks, no fees, no commissions, nothing,” Serack said. “It compares prices on all markets so that way, you don’t have to go to Google and search for it.”

Serack also said the money stays among the students with a direct transfer between them. She added that it is safer than some textbook exchanges because only UA students can sell or buy textbooks, as a dot-edu email address is required.

Serack said it is a matter that needs to be discussed with UA BookStores, due to the large amount of money they put back into the student body and possible contractual issues.


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