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Online comments from Feb. 12

On ‘Guest opinion: Obamania wearing off as reality sets in,’ Feb. 11

Wow. Not only was this article well-written and eloquent, but it also brought to light some facts that most people do not want to acknowledge. Obama is not the messiah, and he will not lead us into Paradise. Thank you, Mr. Ellison, for your opinion. It gives me great hope to know that there are others out there who are not blinded by CNN and MTV, people who can think for themselves and lead their own way, rather than follow the marketing campaign that was Obama.

Angie C.

On ‘Illusion of youth: Schedule-marinated freshmen help Wildcats against Oregon,’ Feb. 11

Miller NEEDs to ARRIVE, for GOOD! Miller arrived about two weeks ago, and the team had a FOUR game winning streak. And the nation was talking about 26. Then, Miller went to the Northwest and the RAIN made MILLER disappear. Two disappointing losses. The UW did have a good flow. But, BONE did a number on Miller, AGAIN. Miller — this time — ARRIVE for GOOD. And start another winning STREAK.

Bear Down with a Beat Down of the Ducks.

Jessie W.

On ‘Dually Noted: The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue,’ Feb. 11

One interesting thing in this discussion is Lindsey Vonn’s participation in this. SI is to blame for continuing to objectify women, but I say a TV interview where Vonn said she was HAPPY to do the photo shoot, that she works out a lot and was happy to show off her body. So to say it is all on SI is false. It seems there are two parties involved here.


Lindsey Vonn is an elite athlete who is gorgeous. SI is a sports mag doing a cover of the best female skier ever. She’s not in a skier’s tuck, unless skiers routinely remove their goggles, tilt their head back, look to the right and smile as they’re about to start. Comparing her photo with A.J. Kitt’s cover, he’s wearing typical head gear, looking ahead as if he’s skiing, and the photo shows simulated movement and action. And, of course, it’s not Vonn’s fault, it’s the photographer who seems to be treating her as a pretty model wearing ski gear rather than as an elite athlete. It’s not sexualized in the sense that she’s in a dirty pose, its sexualized in the sense that a photographer and SI posed her in a static, passive, pretty, “”look at me cause I’m so cute and I’m wearing ski wear and pretending to ski”” pose they use for models. If it were not for her athletic build, I’d think she was just some model. They failed to create a shot that conveys the beauty, extraordinary physical prowess and mental intensity of the best US women’s ski racer in history. SI did a great disservice to her. And yes, she’s done sexy photos in a bikini. The point is that SI can’t seem to see her as an athlete and treat her accordingly because she’s pretty and has flaunted that at times. Give her her due. Create a sexy, powerful, athletic, top of her game tribute that is due her.


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