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    Racism: The lazy way to hate

    Susan Bonicillo
    Susan Bonicillo

    Susan’s Musings

    In 1959 John Howard Griffin posed as a black man in the Deep South, the account of which is told in his critically acclaimed book, “”Black Like Me.””

    Way back when he was still funny, Eddie Murphy tried life as a white man for a skit on SNL, when that was still funny.

    Now, in a show that combines the best of the racial crossover scenarios, FX is now airing “”Black. White.”” which features two families trading races. I caught maybe five minutes of this before the bile in my belly threatened to rise up in my throat.

    This show is a complete failure at creating a helpful social dialogue to discuss race relations. With scenes spliced together for maximum conflict, the show is more about sensationalism than introspection.

    Studying abroad in New Zealand taught me that we do have an obsession with race that is unique to our nation. The locals who saw the racially charged movie “”Crash”” couldn’t help but express their confusion on why us Yanks couldn’t get past this scientifically baseless notion of race.

    I couldn’t think of an answer.

    However, I can think of far better reasons than just simple pigmentation to hate someone. You people just aren’t digging deep enough. If you’re going to judge someone, at least put some effort into it.

    Most people are a disappointment, but none of those reasons have to do with the color of their skin.

    Racism is just a copout when you refuse to explore the entire breadth of another person’s shortcomings.

    Of all the reasons to dislike a person, stupidity should be paramount. No wait, stupid rich people deserve more hate. With the amount of resources they have, there is no excuse to have an IQ score that suggests that the only thing they’re qualified to do is breathing through their mouths and the ability to barely walk upright.

    Bad driving and the inability to work the turn signal should also earn you some well-deserved shunning.

    There’s a whole realm of better reasons to dislike someone. Letting skin color be yours shows a severe lack of exploration into what makes a person fundamentally unlikable.

    I’ve had some people dislike me for being this shade of toffee, which is their prerogative, but there are better reasons for thinking I’m a horrible person.

    Of all the reasons to dislike a person, stupidity should be paramount.

    I place the new toilet roll on top of the dispenser rather than take the time out of my busy schedule for the two seconds to thread it through.

    I will eat the last piece of pizza without asking.

    One time while walking through a busy airport, I accidentally clocked a toddler in the face. A hit and run it was. My arms were swinging, he was scampering underfoot and bing, bang, boom the little cherub took it square in his previously unbruised right eye. He had the baby cry delay, that half-second of silence when the world stands still before he starts to wail like he’s being ripped out of the womb again. I thought about stopping to make sure he was okay, but the idea of dealing with the full fury of mother hate didn’t appeal. I didn’t break stride as I made it over to gate C17, contemplating what level of hell I would find myself in.

    As a show, “”Black. White.”” is only perpetuating the faulty reasoning for letting mere skin color be the sole reason for disdain.

    Just look deeper. You’ll find something you won’t like. As fellow human beings, we all deserve that much consideration.

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