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    In response to “Reasons for AZ attacks on medical marijuana law remain hazy” (by Justin Hussong, Jan. 30):

    Kavenaugh is on record as saying he just doesn’t like people getting high. He reveals only his ignorance (there are lots more dangerous, yet legal ways to get high), his arrogance (to presume his morality is the correct one for all), and his hatred for those unlike him (every voter who voted to approve the law – EACH TIME). He would have everyone believe the drug war has had benefits. He would have everyone believe that suffering people do not benefit from cannabis. He even made the ridiculous statement that one in eight high school students gent their cannabis from MMJ dispensaries. He STUPIDLY points this out as his argument while the obvious converse that 7 out of 8 students get their cannabis elsewhere evades him.

    You know, places like the dealer down the street, their friends, or the pedophile who wants to befriend them.

    No, this jerk won’t be doing society any good. He’s an oppressor. A hate-filled cop whose only agenda is such. He would even sacrifice his citizens, allowing them to suffer and die in pursuit of his disgusting morality. How anyone could see him as competent to lead escapes me and anyone with half a brain. He’s the enemy of Arizona and liberty.

    — HmmmSaysDavidHume

    Please stop wasting our tax dollars on this garbage. Marijuana is harmless. Why do the police insist on putting all of us in danger? Prohibition puts all of us in danger because the false value of black market marijuana dealings attracts street gangs, cartels, and violence, over a plant you can grow along with your carrots and tomatoes. The police lobby for prohibition because then they get federal tax dollars and all they have to do is arrest harmless American citizens. Violent cartels and gangs want prohibition because they get the entire market to themselves, hundreds of billions annually, and the police make sure you are getting your harmless plants from them. You and I, American citizens, get our lives ruined for using a harmless plant that has myriad medical uses but doesn’t harm you and isn’t addictive.

    Does it make sense to ANYONE that substance A, which is addictive, poisonous, causes belligerent intoxication, violence, and death, is available in every corner store while the mere possession of substance B, which isn’t addictive, is non-toxic, causes euphoric relaxation and is a very effective medicine, can ruin your life?

    Marijuana is harmless, prohibition kills.

    — m577a2

    In response to “UA alum tweets cleavage to boost athletics” and “Cadets praise women in combat decision” (By Kelsi Thorud and Ryan Revock, respectively, Feb. 4):

    I am writing in regards to two articles, “UA alum tweets cleavage to boost athletics” and “Cadets praise women in combat decision,” published in Monday’s edition of the Arizona Daily Wildcat. While I do not begrudge a story of clear interest to many in the student body, I find publishing the story on women’s cleavage above the fold, on the front page, over the story on women in ROTC reacting to the opening of combat roles to them to be (hopefully unintentionally) a display of how the editors might rank in importance those types of contributions from women. I think stories about women defending the country merit a more prominent placement. Something you should keep in mind in the future.

    — Ben Goldman

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