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    Homecoming: Alumni recount glory days at UA

    This year’s Homecoming 100 celebration will bring former students from all different generations together, revealing the similarities and differences between graduating classes decades apart. Four UA alumni from various graduating classes shared with the Daily Wildcat about their time as students here, revealing how past and present may not be too different after all.

    The alumni include: Dede Sullivan Areghini (Class of 1964), Penny Dryden (Class of 1964), David Areghini (Class of 1965) and Amanda Barry (Class of 2004).

    Daily Wildcat: Why did you choose to go to the UA?
    David Areghini: I chose UA because I wanted to play football for them, they offered me a scholarship and they had a good engineering school.

    Dede Sullivan Areghini: Because of its academic reputation.

    Penny Dryden: It was close to home. Several high school classmates were attending also.

    Amanda Barry: I chose the UA because [of] its well-established reputation rooted in its history and traditions. Whether I was on- or off-campus as a student, I felt part of the Wildcat community, which enabled me to create lifelong relationships both personally and professionally.

    What was the university best known for when you attended? A certain program, for example.
    Areghini: I recall their astronomy program was well thought of.

    DSA: Education, engineering and law.

    Dryden: Agriculture.

    What was your favorite class at the UA? Favorite teacher?
    Areghini: Favorite classes were chemistry, physics and surveying. Can’t remember physics teacher, but chemistry was Seeley and surveying was Newlin.

    DSA: Dr. [James] Beatson’s history class.

    Dryden: History with Dr. James Beatson.

    How is campus different from when you attended?
    Areghini: Campus is much larger, and [the] student population is more diversified.

    DSA: It is much larger and more updated, wired.

    What was Homecoming like?
    DSA: Great fun but much dressier clothing was worn then.

    Dryden: Great floats for the parade and lots of camaraderie within the campus.

    What is one of your favorite memories from your time at the UA?
    Areghini: Best memory is meeting my wife.

    DSA: Building our Homecoming float entry.

    Dryden: Sorority friendships and wonderful weather.

    Are there any things that you dislike about the school today? Any things you really like?
    Areghini: I like just about everything about the school today.

    Dryden: The size is overwhelming, but all the growth is positive.

    What was your favorite part about the school when you were a student?
    Areghini: Favorite was the wonderful students and faculty that I met.

    DSA: I loved sorority life. It was a home away from home.

    Dryden: Louie’s Lower Level, the college shop and the Continental Cafe.

    If you have attended Homecoming before, what do you enjoy about it? Are you attending this year’s festivities?
    I am attending this year. I have attended most since I graduated. I like seeing old friends.

    Dryden:  This will be my first Homecoming since leaving school.

    Barry: Some of my favorite post-graduation memories are from the annual Homecoming events. This year, Homecoming 100, is particularly special, because it’s the centennial of the UA Homecoming, my 10-year reunion, and I have the honor of serving as an ambassador for the Class of 2004 Reunion Committee. It’s good to be a Wildcat!

    Anything else you would like to add about the UA today or when you were a student — or about anything else?
    UA is a great institution with a great national ranking. Probably better known nationally than in the state.

    DSA: Loved it so much that we encouraged our daughter to attend UA, and she is a proud Wildcat graduate and [alumna].

    Barry: I am an active member for the UA Alumni Association and board member serving as secretary for the Phoenix ZonaCats Alumni [Association] chapter. My involvement with the Alumni Association continues to play a major role in my life.


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