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Mailbag: Oct. 6

Brewer, Republicans didn’t create Arizona’s problems

With the clear lean towards liberal Democrat politics in your paper, I doubt you will publish this letter. However, I feel it my duty to point out to you and your readers that you are missing the point. It is not Jan Brewer that created the problems in our state, problems such as illegal aliens and a very dangerous border, and a crippled economy. She is simply attempting to solve a problem our corrupt federal government will not address. Your parents understand this, and someday you will to. The differences between a Democrat and Republican are age and success. When you grow up and make a living to protect, you will be far less likely to endorse policies that will destroy this country, that Democrats are bent on passing.

The real enemy here is Obama and his policies. The piece “”House Republican pledge more fantasy than reality”” (Sept. 30) made the ridiculous assertion that extending the Bush tax cuts will raise the deficit. Look at history — lower taxes always raise revenue over time for the Untied States government. Obama was asked if it were clearly shown to him that raising capital gains taxes would cause revenues to go down would he still raise rates, his answer was “”Yes,”” because it was “”fair.””  What has fair to do with anything? Obama’s main concern at this juncture should be growing the economy. He is doing the opposite. His insistence of pushing Obamacare on a population that did not support this issue combined with desire to raise taxes and pass legislation such as “”cap and trade”” has scared the business community of the United States into their shells. He and his policies are crippling America. Obama’s wasteful spending is so out of control there is not even another president we can compare his spending to. The national debt when Bush left office was $9.849 trillion, the National debt today is $13.5 trillion; he has managed to increase the national debt by almost $4 trillion, in less than two years!

We would all like to help the poor and provide health care for those that don’t have it. However, a bankrupt nation that cannot provide jobs for 21 percent of its people (the true unemployment rate) cannot do much for anyone. This greatest country on earth has been built on capitalism, and only capitalism will solve our problems. We must unleash the power of the individual; allow their desire to fulfill the American dream for their family to spur our economic growth. That will never happen until Obama stops penalizing the very businesses that provide jobs for everyday people. What right does Obama have to decide who makes too much money? None at all, is the answer, and that is why the Republicans will thump the Democrats in the upcoming election.

– Pat Takash, UA alumnus, class of 1985

Editorial frustrating, uninspiring

While it is fun to snark, you might be well advised to remember what the alternative is for your readers. The Republican Party did not want your readers to enjoy the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. This imperative allows your readers to stay on their parent’s medical insurance until age 26. Given the bleak prospects for employment for the graduating class of 2011, that should be of some comfort.

Also, it is important for you and your student readers to remember what Governor Brewer and the Republican-led legislature did to post-secondary education in Arizona.  Governor Brewer effectively has no education, so it is not surprising that she places little value on yours. Glassman’s opponent, McCain, has never sent any of his children to a public school. He opposes the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, gay marriage, the DREAM Act and just about every other social justice cause brought to Congress in the last 25 years. McCain has never held a job outside of government, but continues to paint himself as an outsider.

In closing, your editorial inspired apathy, not passion. No wonder my generation is so worried about yours.

– Jameson C. Johnson, Southwest Litigation Support LLC

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