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    On the spot

    Brooke Finley, nursing sophomore

    What do you look for in an ASUA candidate?

    I have a lot of doubts about ASUA and what they actually do, so usually I try to ask someone who knows them personally. I try to look for people that try to push sustainability for the campus, I think that’s really important. And if they have a good track record for leadership.

    What are your concerns about ASUA?

    I’ve heard a lot of sketchy things about ASUA, like misuse of funds … just things I don’t think are really appropriate. I don’t think they do enough. They get paid but they don’t really actually do enough for what they get paid. But of course, I don’t really see them all the time, but I don’t really think they have a huge impact on the school. I think the events board is great … but in general, not really too impressed.

    But you do like to vote though?

    Yeah, if I’m going to vote I might as well vote for who is the lesser of two evils. Some candidates are good, but in general, I’m not really impressed.

    Mark Lewandrowski, finance sophomore

    Do you know what ASUA is?

    Don’t they run the school or something like that? I know there’s elections for it and whatnot.

    Did you know that primaries are this week?


    How did you know?

    I’ve seen a ton of posters all around campus for it.

    Do you think that’s the best way to get across to people?

    Probably things more like Facebook or at sporting events … if they put something up on the Jumbotron at basketball games, that would probably help a lot.

    Do you plan on voting?

    No, not really, it’s not on my radar too much.

    Why not?

    I just don’t know if they really do anything or if they have any actual power that affects me in any way.

    So if they wanted to teach you about what they actually do, what would be the best way for them to do that?

    Send me an email. I check my email every day. If you send me an email with a quick wrap up, give me the main points, I could get through that in like, a minute. That would be the best way.

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