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    Review: Victory over viruses was the theme at Logic’s show at Rialto

    Logic presents: The Incredible World Tour, with Dizzy Wright. This international tour has sold out more shows than not so far, and The Rialto Theatre was brimming with fans catching him on his one stop in Arizona.

    We all got lucky tonight: Logic revealed that he was sick with a fever, and even his opener Dizzy Wright had been in a similar funk all day.

    But they both showed up strong and energized, probably with the help of DayQuil and the marijuana blazed by the openers.

    The Incredible True Story is Logic’s sophomore album that kicked off the tour, boasting tens of millions of listens for the most popular track “Fade Away,” which he slayed last night.

    Both being East Coast artists, Wright and Logic were greeted by some true fans in our Wild West.

    With different styles, Wright rocked all black with Vans and snapbacks, and made sure that people were there for a hip-hop show, catalyzing more energy than I detected through most of Logic’s set.

    The openers were definitely no less of artists than the main act; with entertaining chemistry and demanding stage presence, Wright and his rap partner showed their genuine excitement for getting to perform another sold-out show. Wright’s most hyped track was “Floyd Money Mayweather,” with a dirty beat and a simple hook of the retired boxer’s name that had everyone jumping.

    Logic was preceded by DJ Rhetorik, whose job was to set the tone for the rapper’s message of “peace, love and positivity.”

    Rhetorik claimed that he makes music for everybody, and his set was full of mostly hip-hop with some dance and “We Will Rock You” thrown in there. Because Rhetorik’s final song of the night was Travis Scott’s “Antidote,” I expected this night’s show to continue to be anything but low-key.

    With the theme of adventure in Logic’s album and tour, the crowd was asked if they were ready to “take a trip,” followed by a countdown and the arrival of the main event.

    Pretty soon, Logic shared his malady with the crowd, and I immediately went into a mother mindset. I was almost opposed to him putting himself through the show, but, he did it, and I am sure I’m not alone in gratefulness for his epic rally.

    He performed older songs just as well-recognized as his new ones, such as “5AM,” “All I Do” and “Feel Good.” Though I’m a new listener to this particular artist, I understand the nostalgia and enjoyed these tracks as much as when he performed my recent favorites “Young Jesus,” “Never Been” and “Like Woah.”

    The rapper’s “Star Trek”-esque setting never really settled for me, and I am not sure why he decided to go for this and such a 70s rock aesthetic. Regardless, the graphics behind Logic were colorful, playful and beautiful, including smoky haze, stars, landscapes and even some cartoon sequences.

    Of course, the heart of the performance lies in the 26-year-old sporting a considerably different style than the act before him. He wore his own tour shirt and light-colored pants, but didn’t forget a snapback with a bright under-rim.

    For being sick, Logic gave a stellar performance without any noticeable slip-ups. His final song was “City of Stars,” an encore that expired his final drive. Following the show, his wife tweeted in his name a thank you for having fun with and helping his manifestation of dedication in the Dirty T tonight.

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