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UA utilizes new app to increase campus safety

A new safety app called LiveSafe has been released in a collaborative effort through various organizations on campus. Last year, the University of Arizona Police Department asked ASUA for $37,000 to fund the student regulated app.

LiveSafe includes a detailed map of campus, a direct link to 911 and direct contact information that allows you to text UAPD.

According to Tatum Hammond, administrative vice president of ASUA, UAPD contributed $4,000 to help start the application. UAPD, Risk Management Services, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs Melissa Vito and Senior Vice President for Business Affairs Gregg Goldman also contributed $8,000 each.

Through the implementation of LiveSafe, the UA is following a national trend which focuses on student safety and preventative measures.

Filbert Barrera, police sergeant with UAPD, stated that the app is “just another way for us to serve the community and provide them a way to get a hold of us.”

Barrera added that the app caters to individuals who might not be comfortable with calling the police.

“We want to be able to be available, especially with technology. … It makes it a lot easier … if you’re able to send the police a picture of a fire or a suspect or anything. … That could be very valuable for us to have,” Barrera said.

Students at the University of Michigan created a similar app called the Companion App which, like LiveSafe, is free and accessible to all through the Apple Store or Play Store.

The Companion App can be used globally and has become increasingly popular since its release.

Hammond stated that her favorite feature of the app is “GoSafe,” saying that, “When you need to get somewhere on campus or maybe when you’re heading home for the night, you can get to this feature through the [app] and it gives you the option to either call ASUA SafeRide or to use the app’s feature called SafeWalk.”

SafeWalk, which functions similarly to the Companion App, allows you to pick a contact from your address book to watch your location as you walk to your destination in order to make sure that you arrive safely.

“I love this feature because I always know that someone has my back,” Hammond said. “If you ever feel a little unsafe or uneasy, you have the option to call UAPD.”

LiveSafe also allows you to open a chat where you can keep your virtual companion updated on your location. If your virtual companion does not have the app, a text will be sent directly to their phone allowing them to keep track of you as you make your way to your destination.

Manuel Felix, ASUA president, said he recommends that students download the app.

“Whether you’ve ever felt the need to have a buddy to walk you home at 2 a.m. or someone to be texting as you walk through the dark. … This app will be that friend; a friend that could save you from any threats and potentially even save your life,” Felix said.

The LiveSafe application, according to Hammond, is a great choice for students because it was made specifically for the UA.

“We are excited to incorporate [LiveSafe] into a variety of our projects throughout the year and we are hopeful that it becomes something that every student is aware of and uses regularly, being that it is such an amazing resource for us students,” Hammond said.

Felix said that LiveSafe is one of the many ways that the organization will continue to advocate against sexual assault.

“LiveSafe promotes safety on campus for all students, to make this a campus where students feel safe and secure walking from the library at 2 a.m.,” Felix said.

According to Felix, the application is very easy to use.

“By promoting overall safety on campus and ensuring our students lead a safe life, we are hopefully avoiding and gearing away from unfortunate cases of sexual assault and other cases that affect students at the [UA],” Felix said.

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