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    “On the spot: Brendan Clasby, Aerospace engineering freshman”

    That’s a gnarly scrape on your arm. What’d you do?

    I fell.


    On my skateboard.

    No! Set the scene of the accident for me, tell me what happened.

    I was just going along, and then there was an uphill, and I kind of lost my balance and my board went left and I went right.

    Where was this?

    Around the Chem(istry) building.

    Oh no, it was on campus? Did people laugh?


    Did anyone ask if you were OK?

    One guy did.

    What hurt more, your arm or your pride?


    Did you get up really quick and just shrug it off?

    Yeah, I kind of did a somersault.

    Accidents aside, is the longboard an efficient way to get around campus?

    Oh, yeah. You go way faster.

    Minus the time allotted for falls. Do you laugh at other people when you see them fall?

    No. Because I’ve been there.

    Really? I always laugh. I might have been one of the people laughing at you when you fell.

    Yeah, it is kind of funny.

    Have you had any other accidents on the long board?

    Yeah, I’ve fallen three other times.

    Three other times? (Laughs)

    Yeah, wait, why are you laughing?

    I told you, people falling is funny. Almost always. Do you find the long board helpful in picking up girls?

    No, not at all.

    What about the scrapes and bruises? You could play up the tough guy image.

    No, because they ask and I tell them it’s from the long board.

    Well, let’s get you a better story, then. What about “”I was in a chain-gang fight? Or a vicious bar brawl?””

    Maybe. Would that work?

    Every time. I can’t even tell you how many times guys have used that line on me. It always works, and then later I find out their scar is from like, a scooter.

    — Claire Engelken

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