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    On the spot

    On the spot

    We found Taylor Kauffman, 11, with her troop selling cookies on the UA Mall.

    Wildcat: Have you ever thrown up at camp?

    Kauffman: No.

    W: Oh, I did. They sent me home early and I was so mad. Have you ever ridden a horse?

    K: Mhm.

    W: Have you ever thrown up on a horse?

    K: No.

    W: What kind of camps have you been to?

    K: We went to a couple overnighters. One up on Mount. Lemmon, the other was in Prescott, I think.

    W: Is it true they have bears that live under the water there that kill you?

    K: No.

    W: You didn’t run into anything like that? Oh my gosh. Someone told me that story, and so I was sleeping in my bag the entire night scared. And then in the morning, someone came out in a bear suit, and I kicked them, and they fell into a lake and I was scared that the bear was going to get the person in the bear suit, but nothing ever really happened. What’s the coolest knot that you can tie?

    K: I’m not too good at knots.

    W: Do you do braids?

    K: Yeah.

    W: Do you sit with all the girls next to each other and tie each other’s hair and brush it with your fingers?

    K: I’ve done that a couple times.

    W: I do that stuff all the time. Have you ever made those apple head dolls where the apple dries and it shrivels up and becomes an old granny head?

    K: Nuh-uh.

    W: What do your badges mean?

    K: These two are the amount of cookies I’ve sold.

    W: Fifteen hundred cookies?!

    K: 1,524.

    W: Do you feel bad that you’re contributing to obesity rates?

    K: A little bit, but most people don’t buy too much because they’re watching weight.

    W: What’s the most healthy cookie you can sell?

    K: I think the Dosidos.

    W: What’s that?

    K: A peanut butter sandwich cookie.

    W: Peanut butter’s pretty fattening though. Is it a peanut butter sandwich in between lettuce?

    K: It’s a special type of cookie and there’s a really thin layer of peanut butter in the middle.

    W: What’s this koala bear (badge)?

    K: It just came with the sash.

    W: What’s this pink fish with Hebrew on it?

    K: It just says SGFE. We went fishing last year and we got a patch for that.

    W: What’s this Nazi symbol thing?

    K: (Looks at her friend.) Emily, do you remember what this one is for? Oh, I think that one was a junior aide.

    W: How come you have more badges than her?

    K: I’ve been in it for more years.

    W: Oh, you feel kind of bad, huh? Don’t have as many badges.

    (Emily looks sad and walks away.)

    W: Sorry.

    -Andi Berlin

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