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    On the Spot

    On the Spot

    We found Marlee Foulks, a sophomore majoring in speech and hearing, next to the First United Methodist Church, 915 E. Fourth St.

    Wildcat: Alright you’re on the spot. What’s your favorite song?

    Foulks: I don’t really have a favorite song, because I listen to so many different types of music.

    W: Do you have a favorite album?

    F: Not really, just mostly artists. I usually think that an artist’s albums, some are better than others.

    W: Do you have a favorite band?

    F: I really like Bloc Party. Their first album, Silent Alarm. I listen to them sometimes. I just listen to a bunch of different songs from one person.

    W: Singer-songwriters?

    F: BjÇôrk.

    W: Oh yeah, me too. What are your top three favorite track twos in an album?

    F: I can’t even remember, let’s see. I can’t even think of any albums right now.

    W: What’s your top climax in a rock song?

    F: It’s one by Bloc Party. I forget the name of the song, but it’s number 13 (“”Plans””). There’s just this peak at the end that’s just amazing. It’s hard to explain, but it’s pivotal for me.

    W: What’s your favorite band before 1932?

    F: I like all bands before 1932.

    W: What’s your favorite band between 1980 and 1985?

    F: Um, what’s an ’80s band? Blue Ç_yster Cult.

    W: I think my dad listens to them.

    F: I know a couple songs.

    W: What music do you listen to before you go to bed?

    F: Everything. My iTunes library has every type of genre you can think of.

    W: Anything but country?

    F: No. I just put it on shuffle.

    W: What music do you listen to taking a shower?

    F: I sing to myself taking a shower.

    W: What music do you listen to skinning a hog?

    F: Country.

    W: What music do you listen to climbing a tree?

    F: “”I come from a land down under.””

    W: What music do you listen to while going to the bathroom?

    F: Opera.

    W: What’s your favorite type of silence? A sitting silence, a tepid silence, a contemplative silence…

    F: A daydream silence.

    – Andi Berlin

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