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    Students understand Humane Farms petition
    I applaud Mike Morefield’s Thursday column, “”Legislators acting sheepishly over bestiality,”” which he ends by saying he wants to “”send a message to animal abusers in this state: We will not tolerate the abuse of any creature, large or small.”” What a contrast between his words of compassion and the letter to the editor by a student named Anna Groseta, who wrote that she opposes the Arizonans for Humane Farms ballot initiative, which, if passed, would lessen animal cruelty in our state.
    Because I am a volunteer for Arizonans for Humane Farms, and because I care a lot about making our world a better place for both people and other species, I would like to clear up some misinformation propagated by Groseta. In her letter, she asserts that the Humane Treatment of Farm Animals Act isn’t needed because factory farms already treat their animals humanely. She goes on to say that keeping pregnant pigs in confined spaces so tight they can’t turn around or lie down is good for them. Reader, strap on your thinking cap for a moment: Does this sound good to you? I’m sorry, but just saying that doesn’t make it so.
    Disturbingly, Groseta also implied that college students are too stupid to know what they’re signing. It doesn’t take a doctorate to know that a life without the ability to ever take a step forward, turn around or fully lie down is less than humane. Students sign because they support this initiative, plain and simple.
    Finally, I’d like to say thank you to the many students who have already signed the petition. If you would like to help with the campaign, or just learn more about it, please visit

    Julie Cohen
    clinical psychology graduate student

    Everyone should learn more about Islam
    As someone who is not a Muslim and does not have very high opinions of the religion, I encourage people to take Yusra Tekbali’s Friday advice and learn more about Islam and its revered figures. But don’t just read one of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ pamphlets; there is a range of informative material on Islam, both in favor and in criticism of Islam. You can even go to the source and find translated copies of the Quran and the Hadiths. I want people more informed about Islam so its apologists can stop using this lame “”well, you don’t understand”” excuse every time a criticism of Islam is made.
    Understanding something does not always mean you will agree with it. Sure, for some a better understanding of Islam will lead to greater respect for it, but for many it won’t. Maybe people will learn that Islam isn’t a religion of peace and tolerance. Maybe Mohammad wasn’t such a great man. Maybe they might realize that Islam is nothing more then a set of outdated laws and made-up histories, and is in and of itself a roadblock to a more progressive and tolerant society.
    And before people start labeling me an Islamophobe, please note that my opinion of Islam is actually quite favorable compared to most other religions and ideologies (yes, we sometimes forget that Islam is an ideology and not a race or genetic disposition). So if you must call me an Islamophobe, then know I am also a Christianophobe, a Buddhistophobe and even a Nazismophobe.

    Kael Dai
    mathematics senior

    Bush administration wasting resources on trips
    This letter is in response to your Friday article “”Vice president helps Sen. Kyle raise $500,000.””
    I was driving home from work Thursday afternoon from East 22nd Street to South Swan Road. I noticed that virtually every street going east and west of Swan was blocked off with police. I was not allowed to continue to my destination at Swan and East Camp Lowell Road, so I parked and awaited the “”parade”” like everyone else.
    My question: Please have a student and/or instructor estimate the cost to the City of Tucson, Pima County Law Enforcement, travel cost for the vice president’s flight, Personal Security, V.P. Aids, vehicle cost/transports, work hours used, fuel cost, etc. I am curious what the cost was to the American taxpayer for this Republican fundraiser to take place. … I am guessing that the cost for the vice president to get to the Westin La Paloma for Sen. Jon Kyl far exceeded $500,000.
    Is this a legal way to spend American tax dollars?
    I feel enormously offended that President Bush has accused American citizens of being “”addicted”” to fossil fuels when in fact we are unable to afford hybrid vehicles. This president and vice president use fuel like there is no end … and at the same time blame American citizens for having to use gas to get to our jobs and perform family functions.
    I wonder how much fuel was used for President Bush for his visits to 60 different cities for his diversionary Social Security Tour. … How much does the president spend per gallon of gasoline?
    If “”we”” are addicted to fossil fuel, President Bush is the biggest addict. Instead of starting a war in his pursuit to “”make a legacy for himself,”” he should have instead spent trillions of dollars on global warming and fuel alternatives instead of trillions of dollars on a war the world did not want. Now, every man, woman, child and grandchild must bear the burden of $30,000 each of debt due to the flagrant spending of an arrogant president. What good is “”democracy in an Arab world”” when our planet is being destroyed?

    Lorraine Merkel
    Tucson resident

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