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    Graduation wishes

    Sadly, I will be graduating in a couple weeks and leaving this great place after 3 1/2 years of awesomeness. As a graduation present, I request the following things in the near future: 1. From Coach Stoops: A single red Rose (Bowl) next year. 2. From the state Legislature: Cash (So we don’t have to keep raising tuition). 3. From Arizona Athletics: A new basketball ticket policy that takes into account how lazy students are. 4. From Associated Students of the University of Arizona: Dismantle the Graduate and Professional Student Countil and represent grad students in-house. 5. From President Robert Shelton: Please be my father. 6. From Antoine Cason: Fly to more college passes, not the NFL. 7. From the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences: Quadruple professor James Todd’s salary and don’t let him leave. 8. From John Kerry: Don’t run again. 9. From John Edwards: Do run again. 10. From Wilbur the Wildcat: Buy Wilma something nice. Thank you to the UA for everything and Bear Down!

    Tyler Carrell
    finance senior

    Police Beat getting boring

    Personally, I am a huge fan of Police Beat. I read it religiously, but I feel that it has been going down the drain in recent weeks. Lately, all I have been reading about is bike seats being stolen, purses being taken from dorm rooms and unknown people scratching letters into a men’s bathroom mirror. In my opinion, no one really cares about those things. People want to hear the juicy gossip that happens on campus. I mean, come on –we live in Tucson; there has to be more interesting police reports from the UAPD than what I have been reading.

    So, please make Police Beat more interesting for all of the UA’s students to read.

    Jessica Uecke
    undeclared freshman

    Wilbur, Wilma wedding a farce

    As an alumna of the UA, I was quite surprised to see President Robert Shelton preside over marriage vows between Wilbur and Wilma. All I could think during the ceremony is “”What was Pope Shelton smoking when he agreed to do this, and who in the world concocted this farce in the first place?””

    When I attended the UA,ÿa vast majority of students were single. So, why was it deemed necessary to futz with tradition and wed Wilbur and Wilma? My husband believes this stunt was pulled so that Wilbur and Wilma can share a room when they travel, thus saving the athletic department some serious dollars. I think, just perhaps, Wilbur and Wilma are actually a transgender couple, and it will now be considerably easier for Wilbur to dress up as Wilma and visa versa.

    In my opinion, the W&W wedding should be annulled and the UA’s new presidentÿshould try to be cognizant of ourÿtraditions before he considers attempting a similar stunt in the future.

    Donna Sessions
    UA alumna

    Fill up student section

    My fellow Wildcats, we are failing our basketball team. We have a potential Final Four team this year, a potential Pac-10 Player of the Year, National Freshman of the Year, National Player of the Year and Coach of the Year. We have an athletic department that has given us a student section that was just a dream to most students only two years ago. We have a Hall of Fame coach that supports the student section, and worked hard to listen to the students and give them a section that they had begged for for years. We are students and have one duty: to go to the games and cheer loudly for our team!

    You can make excuses that the Zona Zoo pass costs more this year and you can’t afford it or that there aren’t very good teams that we are playing yet, or say “”I have a lot of homework to do.”” But the reality is that the Zona Zoo and the athletic department have given us a student section that has 2,500-plus seats, and we can’t even fill it to half of its capacity. Newsflash! The athletic department is selling our seats to the community (the old people, as we endearingly refer to them). If two years ago, the athletic department would have started selling our seats to the public, there would have been riots and mobs outside of McKale, but this year, I am pretty sure that hardly any of the students even realize that our tickets are being given away.

    If this lack of attendance continues, I have no doubt in my mind that the athletic department will start considering other means of earning revenue, like permanently selling our seats to the public and cutting our allotment in half. It makes me mad and embarrassed when I am sitting in the student section that many of us have waited so long for, and I look up to see the entire blue area empty from row 20 in the lower level all the way up to the top. I can only imagine how the team feels. How can we compare ourselves to the country’s elite teams when we can’t even fill our own student section? Have you ever seen Cameron Indoor with empty seats in its student section? What about the Dean Dome? Allen Fieldhouse in Kansas? Come on students, we aren’t ASU. Let’s fill our seats.

    McKale used to be one of the most feared places to play. It is a joke to see thousands of empty seats every game! Wake up at 6 a.m. on Monday mornings. Purchase your tickets and go to every game. If you haven’t registered your Zona Zoo pass, go do so now at the McKale ticket office. Fill our seats! Give our basketball team the respect they deserve. We’ll need all the help we can get to make it to Atlanta this year, and it all starts with a home-court advantage. The students need to show up and represent the UA for our team!

    Eric Freed
    accounting graduate student

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