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    In response to ‘UA protecting ‘A’ logo from high schools unnecessary’ (by Ashley T. Powell, Nov. 25):

    [The] UA isn’t demanding Appomattox to replace its uniforms, sport merchandise, flooring, etc immediately. ACHS has four years to phase out the design.

    — sunny boy

    How kind of them. School budgets are being cut, schools even being shut down, teacher’s pay cut or teachers even let go because of lack of funding, but as long as this remote town’s high school logo doesn’t even remotely resemble UA’s logo, it’s all for the greater good. Forget about the kids’ education, let’s make sure to use up their textbook money to get rid of a logo that isn’t even the same. Yes, how very kind of them.

    — susie q (in response to sunny boy)

    Dear Susie Q — High Schools replace uniforms fairly frequently. My guess is that in 4 years they would have had all new uniforms anyway. This will not cost them extra money. Any corporate entity (UA included) has a duty to protect its logo.

    — Alex Johns (in response to susie q)

    [The] UA owns the logo and all rights associated with that logo. This reflects poorly on the high school’s administrators for choosing to use the logo without express written permission from the owner. If this school is allowed to keep the logo, then what prevents me from illegally using the logo to produce merchandise and profit from its sale? The university will never see a dollar of that money and I will profit from something they explicitly own and control. Copyright laws exist for a reason, and they apply to everyone.

    — UofA Student

    In response to ‘Wildcat Family statue vandalism sparks anger among students, faculty’ (by Mark Armao, Nov. 25):

    Situational ethics at it’s finest. “I get it that we painted their ‘A’…” is just fine, retaliation that ups the ante is not.

    Meanwhile the grievious harm was easily corrected by a pressure washer. Seems more harmless than something that would require hours of work and a bunch of white paint to correct.

    — George Faller

    Painting the “A” is tradition and it happens every year at both schools. Defacing school property is not the same thing. I guess ASU students were too lazy to climb up “A” Mountain and paint it piss yellow this year. Instead, they took the short route and showed how classless they are by vandalizing a historic statue.

    — UofA Student (in response to George Faller)

    Maybe they’re just starting a new “tradition.” Interesting where ALL of the “vandal” comments originate.

    Vandalism, “tradition” or not, is still vandalism. If you choose to dismiss UA vandalism as acceptable while decrying that of the competing school, there’s no argument that can be made that it’s anything other than situational ethics. AKA no ethics AKA “classless.”

    — George Faller (in response to UofA Student)

    USC organizes a vigil around their Tommy Trojan statue during their rivalry week to prevent vandalism by UCLA fans. Because ASU’s scumbag fans have crossed a line into outright criminal acts, it’s time that we start protecting our statue.

    — thekevinshow1990

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