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    “On the spot: David Hartzell, marketing junior”

    Have you heard about the swine flu?

    I have. I was just kind of reading up on it a little bit. Yeah, I am not really sure what to think of it yet.

    Are you worried about catching it?

    No, not really. I was reading that you catch it just like a regular flu and usually I am pretty good about keeping myself/hands clean and that sort of thing.

    How do you think you catch it?

    It is just like any other flu. It is caught by just contact with other people and that sort of thing.

    If you had to avoid it, what is your best trick for keeping it away?

    Just practicing good hygiene, I guess. Washing your hands after contact with anybody else. Also, anytime you meet in a big group with a bunch of people – washing your hands. Basically that’s it.

    If you were quarantined, what would you do to pass the time?

    If I was quarantined – I don’t know. I would talk on the phone with people, I guess. I am not sure.

    Who would you want to be quarantined with?

    As many cute girls as possible I suppose, but if we all have pig flu that would be bad.

    Who would you want to put in quarantine?

    I guess those that have had it.

    Not necessarily someone with swine flu, if there was someone you could put in quarantine and never have to hear from again who is our person and why?

    You know, I don’t have that many enemies yet. I don’t know. I can’t think of anybody I would want to put in there right now.

    If everyone in the world dies from it, what are you doing on your last day?

    I think just drinking a beer and enjoying it. I don’t know, that is about it.

    – Ian Friedman

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