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    In response to “Chris Christie’s gotta pay the troll toll” (by Nick Havey, Jan. 26)

    People are paying so much attention to this. Looking throughout history shows that just about every politician has had some type of shady dealings or scandal. It almost appears to be politics. Lincoln bribed and blackmailed his way through the Emancipation Proclamation, does that mean it was wrong? Maybe… but because he took that first step our world is a better place. Chris Christie is no Abraham Lincoln, but he gets things done. And from what I have seen, he has been one of the best governors that New Jersey has had in a while considering what has happened while he has been in office. When it was discovered what Lincoln had done we didn’t scrutinize— heck he is still called “Honest” Abe—so what’s the fuss with Christie other than the fact that he is still alive and that he is still in office? He already apologized, took appropriate measures against the “culprits” and I as a Democrat would have voted for him in the last election had he been running, Depending on who the democratic nominee is in 2016 I would still think about voting for him, even though I despise putting my faith in someone I have not met.

    In response to “Dispute blazes up over marijuana legalization in Arizona” (by Ethan McSweeney, Jan. 26)

    I am 73 years old and have used medical marijuana for three years. I signed up in order to get high. But the wonderful thing is that it really does work. Severe arthritis and Alzheimer’s would have put me in a nursing home. Improvement was slow at first and I wasn’t expecting more than the usual weak herbal supplements. But now, after three wonderful years, my arthritis is 90% improved. I stopped HydroCodone two years ago and haven’t needed a NSAID for the past week. My memory has improved. Three years ago I was forgetting medications two or three times a week. Now, I have fewer medications and never forget. But I remember my prior forgetfulness and the process of remembering seems almost physical, like being physically aware of breathing. The best part is being high for the past three years. To me, it is an extraordinary Grace. Being high is another word for transcendence. Not the rare, exalted transcendence of the Christian Mystic or Buddhist Monk, but an everyday transcendence for the least among us, the pot heads and the slackers, the ill and infirm. And all humanity in turn.
    Robert Bender

    In response to “Reefer sadness: marijuana legalization is the total pots” (by Katelyn Kennon, Jan. 26)

    What about the tremendous harm of the alternative, keeping marijuana illegal?
    Are you really suggesting that continuing to waste our tax dollars endlessly chasing down, arresting, incarcerating, and giving life long permanent criminal records to otherwise good people is better than gradual progress though legalization?
    We can’t afford to wait for perfection.
    No legalization bill will be perfectly written the first time round. Through trial and error we can perfect legalization.
    The harm of continuing prohibition is the greatest possible harm of all.
    Mike Shaw

    Of course the whole aim is to make money for those on the “top”. Why do you think it’s taken so long to legalize— because it is hard to regulate a plant and it has taken the govt. this long to come up with some money making schemes. We are all educated, we should know by now that the government doesn’t make any move at any level the does not directly benefit them financially in some way.
    JL Thorne

    In Colorado, you’re free to grow your own pot. So if you’re just too poor to buy pot from a legal authorized pot store, you should either quit (it’s not physically addictive, so that should be easy) or grow your own. This is just getting started. Thus the high prices. As more shops open, and, more importantly, as more product is grown and made available (don’t forget, the stores have to grow a certain percentage of their own product) prices for legal bud in CO will drop.
    Jeff Johnson

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