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    Student feelings are mixed about Family Weekend

    As parents flock to campus for Family Weekend, many students have different emotions as to its real benefit.

    Peter Valenzuela, a natural resources junior, said that he tries to avoid the overcrowding and extra traffic that Family Weekend causes by going to visit his parents rather than having them visit him.

    “”I like to actually leave . . . and go up to Phoenix because I don’t like Tucson during Family Weekend,”” Valenzuela said. “”Everyone and their mother is here, literally, so it makes everything more hectic.””

    Family Weekend is more for fraternity and sororities, Valenzuela said.

    Melissa Rasowsky, a political science junior and a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority said that Family Weekend is a great way for sorority sisters to meet and get to know each other’s families.

    “”You get to meet everybody else’s parents, it is pretty cool. The parents like it and they get to see everybody else and see what the sorority is all about,”” Rasowsky said. “”Now they know where their money is going.””

    Rasowsky said that she has experienced Family Weekend in two ways: as a non-Greek student and now also as a sorority member.

    “”I did it both ways because I didn’t rush until my sophomore year,”” Rasowsky said. “”I would definitely say that there is more to do (because of the sorority). There are more activities if you’re Greek, but that’s because you’re Greek and your sorority does it, it’s not because you’re Greek as a whole (and the UA does it).””

    For freshmen, Family Weekend provides a chance for parents to see how their children have matured since being dropped off in late August.

    Megan Stolberg, a pre-business freshman, said she is really excited to see her parents and thinks that this is an essential weekend in the academic calendar.

    “”I’m really excited that my parents are going to be here,”” Stolberg said. “”I have been gone for a little over a month now, and it will be nice to see them and be able to have them take me to a real meal and just to hang out with them.””

    Valenzuela said that parents already know what goes on in college and don’t need a weekend to see it.

    “”Our parents know how we are . . . they know what’s going on and they don’t need a parents weekend to know what’s going on in our lives.””

    This weekend provides a great opportunity for out-of-state parents to come see their children, Stolberg said.

    “”A lot of kids who are from Phoenix, their parents aren’t coming because they go home often, but a lot of my friends who live out of state, their parents are all coming,”” Stolberg said.

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