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    “On the Spot: Ryan Kitchener, undecided freshman”

    How do you feel about the front desk people at your dorm, too friendly, too rude?

    I live at AZ-SO (Residence Hall) and front desk people are amazing. They are very social, they are very nice and they help me out a lot. I love them.

    Sounds a bit generic. How do you feel about the security in the dorms because a lot of creepers sneak in and out of there?

    I think the security could be a little stricter because I do see a lot of creepers in our dorm, especially at night. That’s all I have to say about security. Oh, I lost my CatCard on Saturday night and I got in to the dorms several times without my CatCard and that just proves that the security is not well.

    OK so I have to ask, where are you from? I am loving the East Coast accent.

    I am from Long Island, New York. I do have a little bit of an accent but it’s not too heavy.

    Yeah, not too heavy, just enough. How are your thoughts on the “”Real Desperate Housewives of New York””(sic)?

    I’m preferably a Jersey fan and I happen to love it because it is great. There is a lot of drama because it is East Coast and that’s what it is, a lot of fights, and who doesn’t love that? It’s reality TV.

    Could not have said it better. OK, tell me a little bit about East Coast drama versus West Coast drama.

    Well first of all, West Coast kids obviously wear Vans, it is obviously way different, the different styles. West Coast kids are way more laid back and not in your face as much opposed to East Coast kids who, if they will say something, will say it to your face. Also, with West Coast kids they are very gossipy and they’ll do it behind your back whereas East Coast kids don’t really care as much and will say it to your face if they have a problem. That’s pretty much the main difference.

    So let’s say someone is talking crap about you and you heard, what would you do in that situation?

    I would go up to their face and get in their face and confront them about it because if you are going to say something, say it to my face. If you have a problem with me go ahead and say it to my face.

    Have you found that a lot of these UA West Coast students are intimidated by your fierceness and upfront personality?

    I know personally that, yes, they are afraid because I have gotten up in someone’s face and he did not bother me again. So, I would say they are pretty intimidated.

    – Caroline Nachazel


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