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    Athlete of the week

    The Arizona Daily Wildcat’s Ari Wasserman caught up with UA sophomore tight end Rob Gronkowski after he racked up three touchdowns in Arizona’s 48-14 win over Washington on Saturday. Gronkowski discussed his big game, his dance moves and scoring on and off the field.

    Wildcat: What’s it like to be named the Arizona Daily Wildcat’s Athlete of the Week?
    Gronkowski: It feels good. Coming back and helping out the team and most importantly getting the win – it is just great overall.

    W: Describe the feeling of scoring a touchdown.
    G: It depends what it is. If you are up by a lot and you score another one it’s sweet, but if it is a big situation and you score a big-time touchdown for the win or something, I mean, you are just all jacked up. The blood is flowing. It’s just crazy. It’s a great moment and one of the best feelings you could ever have.

    W: Why does it seem like every time you catch the ball it’s a touchdown?
    G: I don’t know. Because the quarterback leads me and I get open and stuff and the other receivers are doing a great job keeping the other defenders contained. It is an overall team effort that is getting me open, and I am just finishing the plays by trying to get in the end zone.

    W: When they call the play where you run the seam across the middle that has worked so well, what’s the feeling like in the huddle? Do you get extra excited when you know they are looking for you?
    G: It is just like a normal play called in the huddle. We work on it a lot.

    W: There is no excitement when you know you are the big target?
    G: We do the same thing every single play. If you get too excited maybe the team will know it is coming. I just do the same thing every play.

    W: What was with the duck dance when you got in the end zone?
    G: I don’t know. I was just too hyped up. I just did it.

    W: Did you consult anyone for that or were those your own personal moves?
    G: They are my own personal moves.

    W: What do you think Mike Thomas would say about them?
    G: He’d say that it is terrible and that I never should do it again (laughs).

    W: Did he say that to you?
    G: No, I just know that’s what he would say. He thinks it’s funny though. I know he would make fun of me because he can dance better.

    W: Do you know he can dance better? After your moves on Saturday, I don’t know about that.
    G: Yeah. He is always dancing in practice and it’s good.

    W: What is his best move?
    G: I don’t know. Lean wit’ it, rock wit’ it.

    W: Are you a ladies man?
    G: Yeah (laughs).

    W: Does that come with the territory when you are scoring touchdowns?
    G: Yeah, that’s why I score – for the ladies.

    W: Do the ladies creep around when you guys win?
    G: Yeah, sometimes. It depends where you are at.

    W: Even when you lose?
    G: Yeah. If you are sexy, the ladies stay around.

    W: Do you play “”NCAA ’09,”” the video game?
    G: Yeah, like once.

    W: Did you throw the ball to yourself?
    G: Yeah, and I scored a touchdown and I stopped playing.

    W: Is that like real life then?
    G: Sure.

    W: What is your favorite pro team?
    G: Umm, the Buffalo Bills because I am from there.

    W: Twinkie or HoHos?
    G: Hoes (laughs).

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