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    Celebrities are people like us, not ‘freaks’
    As a child, I was asked at a mother-daughter tea which celebrity I would like to meet. I remember very clearly my mother’s response. She wanted, and I think still would like, to meet Princess Diana. They were born days apart, married the same year and had children around the same time. I think my mom felt a faraway connection to the fragile princess who was thrust into the limelight.

    As I grow up, I feel the same connection to a celebrity, and I think that meeting and conversing with her would help me understand myself better, in a weird way. Who am I talking about? Angelina Jolie. I really connect with the Angelina who finds global justice and love to be transforming powers that are worthy of a life’s dedication. I at one time had said I would never marry, or marry later in life and adopt children. I am now married at the age of 22, and plan on having my own children. Recently Angelina has talked about how she too, had no plans to ever bear her own children, as there were enough orphans in the world. But she fell in love, and this feeling changed for her.

    One reason I respect Angelina is her political stance. She does not use her platform to convince Americans that we should invest in the newest, greenest technologies. Instead she models a way of life where there is awareness of the greater global issues (poverty, health care, famine). We should use our influence to raise our children to be aware of these issues, while we take steps now to effect change. So why am I writing this? Well, I need to unwind, and this helps. But after I saw an interview the other morning with Angelina, I couldn’t help but think how much we have in common. What celebrity are you similar to? Or dissimilar to? What does that say about you? If we start viewing celebrities as people we can relate to, instead of circus show freaks, we might actually grow as a people from this obsession.

    Alayna George Thompson
    biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology graduate student

    CatTran driver deserves our recognition
    I would like to write to express my appreciation for the CatTran driver Adriana. This is my first semester riding the CatTran and on the first day of classes, the first thing I noticed was the positive and uplifting attitude of Adriana. This is no small act of kindness. It is this type of thing that must be appreciated and congratulated. We all know that the notes that we start off on in the morning are very important in setting a good direction for the rest of the day. I believe that she reminds people that kindness really can make a difference. She smiles and says hello to every person who gets on the CatTran. I have noticed that everyone says “”Thank you”” on their way off and she always kindly replies “”You’re welcome”” to every person. She treats every person like they matter, and it is clear that she enjoys and takes pride in her job. It is not some days she exhibits this, but rather everyday she is at work. I wanted to write this letter because I think it is important that Adriana be recognized.

    Lisa Tsosie
    physiology senior

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