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Mailbag: Dec. 2

Rich-poor gap not necessarily bad

This is in regards to Andrew Shepherd’s article in the Nov. 30 Daily Wildcat.

Every time I read an article in the Perspective section of the Daily Wildcat it is usually about how the Republicans, the rich or the CEOs are reaping all the benefits of the American wealth while giving the shaft to the middle and lower class. Well, let me shed some light on the matter. 

Even if what Andrew Shepherd wrote about in his “”(In)equality in America”” article about the increasing gap in the upper, middle and lower classes of America (is true), that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Look at it this way: If someone working on an assembly line is making $30,000 a year and a CEO is making $500,000 and both get a 10 percent raise, the guy on the assembly line is now making $33,000 and the CEO is making $550,000. As you can see, the gap has increased by $27,000 but it’s hard to say that BOTH people are not better off. 

Furthermore, the article goes and bashes the corporations for moving their businesses offshore and I don’t blame them. If you want them to come back and create manufacturing plants, quit taxing them so much. America has the second highest corporate taxes in the world, just behind Japan. Less taxes bring about more jobs; supply side economics DOES work. If it didn’t, how did Ronald Reagan create two million jobs a year while he was in office? I bet the American people would love those kinds of numbers instead of the newly coined Obama administration term “”Jobs Saved.”” 

—Trevor Laky

Political Science Major

President, UA College Republicans


On ‘Bristol Palin bristles America’

No, Bristol wasn’t “”incontrovertibly”” the worst dancer each week. To say so is incontrovertibly supercilious. She has been the lowest scored three of the last four times, which is probably fair, but was not the worst dancer until most of the others had been eliminated. “”Incontrovertibly”” either you didn’t watch, or you are Democrat — which means truth is a relative thing in your universe, observed through bile-colored goggles. The show is not, really, about the best dancer winning. About half the time the best dancer loses — often a stunningly beautiful African-American woman, viz. Mel B and Mya. The winner is often the person who is the “”favorite”” of the fans, for variety of reasons. And those are the rules. There isn’t even a moral obligation for fans at home to vote for the technically most proficient dancer. Just who they want to watch next week — who they would like to see win, maybe, the person who they identify with perhaps. My guess is that the writer did not vote in “”Dancing with the Stars”” — “”incontrovertibly”” he did not watch. He really is not entitled to any opinion.



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