Mailbag: Nov. 14

Daily Wildcat

Kardashian divorce critique shows tact but makes a good point

In response to “Kardashian divorce soils institution of marriage” (Nov. 9 issue):

I read your article and was thrilled. I had seen a comic earlier that mocked the old skank, saying how she has ruined marriage, but I loved that you reiterated the point in a tactful, clever and honest manner. Thank you. Not that I am much of a judge, but I think you are an excellent writer and I wish you luck with your career.

Thanks again,

— Tiffany Knox

Rio Nuevo irrelevant to the UA

In response to “Rio Nuevo detrimental to all” (Nov. 9 issue):

Today I read an opinion piece by Megan Hurley about Rio Nuevo and how it affects UA students. I was wondering, does any research go into these pieces before they are published? She rants how Rio Nuevo waste affects UA funding and therefore tuition. Does she not know that the Rio Nuevo funds come from bond sales for the city? Furthermore, does she not realize that the state funds the university and not the city of Tucson? I would assume that UA, as research focused as it is, would promote research in journalism as well. It seems silly that this piece is full of misinformation and only a few Google searches could have corrected Ms. Hurley’s fallacies.


— Jared Jensen

Pell Grants provide immeasurable possibilities for students

We are all aware that higher education is expensive — that’s a given. But thankfully, financial aid is available for qualified students, like the Pell Grant. The Pell Grant is many times the only opportunity students have in order to access their potential through higher education. However, the Pell Grant is currently under threat of the chopping block in Washington, D.C., from the Super Committee.

I currently rely on the Pell Grant for financial support. Without it, there is no possible way my family could afford for my four siblings and I to receive further education. With the aid of the Pell Grant, students (myself included) have the opportunity to progress their knowledge, develop their skills, and provide a brighter economy for Arizona. Please express your support for the Pell Grant to Sen. (Jon) Kyl and other elected officials in the form of phone calls and letters. With your help, we can show Washington that the Pell Grant is necessary, and that higher education is not something to put on the back burner.

— Emma Hubbard

Advocacy intern for the Arizona Students’ Association