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    Police Beat: Mar. 25

    On this episode of ‘Cops’ …

    A non-UA affiliated man fled police and was later arrested for driving with expired plates and no insurance on Tuesday.

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer patrolling northbound Euclid Avenue toward University Boulevard saw that the car in front of him had a 2010 registration sticker.

    He checked the plate in the database and it showed that the plate had indeed expired in November.

    After the traffic light turned green, the officer attempted to get into the median lane to follow the expired vehicle.

    The driver immediately saw the officer and quickly turned west onto University Boulevard.

    By the time the officer was able to make the left turn, the driver had already turned north onto First Avenue.

    The vehicle sped up rapidly and turned east onto Second Street.

    After turning, the driver quickly pulled his car into an alley and drove into an apartment complex parking lot nearby.

    He then parked and ran into the complex.

    However, throughout the entire chase, the officer hadn’t turned on his emergency lights to stop the driver.

    As the officer checked the parked car to make sure it was secure, he was able to see what the driver was wearing.

    Almost immediately, a witness flagged down the officer and asked if he was looking for someone.

    The witness said that he saw the driver jump a fence on the west side of the complex and enter the courtyard.

    Additional officers then arrived to secure the location.

    The officer went into the complex and heard from another witness who said that she saw a man hiding in a stairwell.

    The officer, who took a second officer for backup, found the man and handcuffed him.

    He said that he knew the registration was expired on the car and fled when he saw the officer change lanes because he did not want to get pulled over.

    He also told the officer that the vehicle belonged to his mother and was is in the process of getting the title in his name.

    The officer arrested him for not having current registration and or insurance, cited and released him on the scene.

    Student steals map and finds UAPD

    UAPD responded to the bookstore at 2:27 p.m. after a bookstore employee called in a possible shoplifter on Tuesday.

    A loss prevention employee said that he saw a student through a surveillance camera take a map of Tucson from a display case.

    The student took the tags off of the map as he walked throughout the store.

    He then walked out of the entrance without paying for the map, which he still held in his hand.

    The employee then confronted him and held him in custody.

    When the officer arrived, he spoke with the student about what happened.

    Because he had no cash on him, the student said he intended to steal the map upon entering the bookstore.

    He said he needed the map for a geology class.

    The officer cited and released the student for shoplifting and filled out a Dean of Students Office referral about the incident.

    Dude, where’s my skateboard?

    A non-UA affiliated man was caught performing skateboard tricks for the second time on campus and had his board impounded on Tuesday.

    A UAPD officer on routine patrol saw the man performing tricks on the south side of the Life Sciences South building around 7:30 p.m.

    He jumped his skateboard over the curb on the southeast side of the building near the loading dock.

    Shortly after landing, he bailed and fell from his board.

    The officer approached the man and soon after beginning the interview, the officer recognized him as a skateboarder he had contact with in November.

    The officer called for another officer to bring proper citations to impoundthe man’s skateboard.

    After a few minutes, the documentation arrived and his skateboard was impounded.

    The man was given a Parking and Transportation Services citation in order to retrieve the skateboard and said he could reclaim the board from PTS within 72 hours. Additionally, the officer warned him again that he could be subject to arrest for loitering on UA property because he wasn’t using campus for its intended means.

    The man said that he fully understood UA policy on skateboarding on campus but did not agree with it.

    Employee’s wallets stolen from inside Union

    Wallets from two UA employees were stolen from a locker inside the Student Union Memorial Center on Tuesday.

    A union employee called UAPD and said that the wallets were stolen sometime between 7 and 11:30 a.m.

    The employees placed their purses into an unlocked locker that is used to store vacuum cleaners.

    At 11:30 a.m., another union employee found the purse in an elevator and immediately recognized it.

    She took the purse and contacted the employee who owned it.

    The only thing missing from the purse was her wallet, so she returned to the locker to look for it.

    While looking in the locker, she noticed that a coworker’s bag had also been rifled through. She then contacted the coworker, who also found that her wallet was missing.

    One of the employees did report a potential suspect around 11 a.m., she observed an unknown person in the room adjacent to the locker wearing worn out clothes.

    The unknown man was asked to leave and did so, but the employee was unsure if he had returned.

    Both employees wished to continue in the prosecutorial process.

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