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Editorial: Pass/Fail


Demonstrating some semblance of good sense, Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed another firearms bill on Friday. Senate Bill 1201 would have allowed guns in public buildings or required those buildings to be secured with metal detectors and armed guards. These buildings included places like libraries, community centers and government-owned pools.

In an explanation of the veto, Brewer said the bill had “”too many loopholes and flaws”” to sign into law. Brewer “”has a long and very strong pro-Second Amendment record,”” said her spokesman, Matthew Benson. “”But these bills, in her view, just took the state down the wrong path.””

Charles Heller, a spokesman for the Arizona Citizens Defense League, which supported S.B. 1201, told the Arizona Republic, “”I don’t know what’s gotten into her.”” It’s far too optimistic to say logic has gotten into Brewer, but the veto was commendable all the same. For that, Brewer gets a solid pass.



After a prolonged debate about his origins, President Barack Obama released his birth certificate for the crazies. Obama also unveiled his “”birth video”” at the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday night. “”As some of you heard, the state of Hawaii released my official, long-form birth certificate,”” the president joked. “”Hopefully this puts all doubts to rest, but just in case there are any lingering questions tonight, I’m prepared to go a step further.””

Obama then played a clip from the opening scene of Disney’s “”The Lion King.”” He then clarified to the Fox News table “”that was a joke, that was not my birth video, that was a children’s cartoon.”” For cleverly poking fun at his most irrational critics, and for making light of one of the most ridiculous rumors to come out of a presidency, a pass goes to the president.


The third annual Tucson Tea Party pulled in 2,300 people on Saturday, according to Tucson Tea Party co-founder Trent Humphries. Humphries told the Arizona Daily Star that he expected the event to lose money because it was intended to raise awareness.

Speakers included radio hosts Jon Justice and Garret Lewis and author Andrew Breitbart. Also in attendance were former and current Republican candidates, including mayoral candidate Ron Asta and former U.S. representative candidate Ruth McClung.

Kevin Herring, an attendee, also told the Star “”(the Tea Party is) always very spirited, very warm and very friendly,”” he said. “”It’s just people helping each other. It’s a very positive atmosphere.””

That’s why Breitbart’s 25-minute speech was punctuated by roars from the crowd in between his telling sheriff whatever-his-name-is (Clarence Dupnik) and “”channels 2, 4 and 7″” (news media) to go to hell. Breitbart also referred to the mainstream media as “”evil”” and “”at war with us.””

Sounds neither helpful nor healthy, but certainly “”very spirited.”” Still, a fail goes to the Tucson Tea Party for throwing an event to “”raise awareness”” of a mass temper tantrum.


At last week’s forum on mental health, called “”A Delicate Balance: Creating a Better Post-Jan. 8 System to Protect the Public and Help the Seriously Mentally Ill,”” U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ district director, Ron Barber, spoke. Barber’s remarks emphasized the importance of funding for mental health care and awareness of mental illness.

Barber, who was shot in the Jan. 8 shooting that also injured Giffords and several others, warned listeners that violence and mental illness should not automatically be associated with each other. “”Going forward from Jan. 8, we must shed light on these erroneous beliefs that violence and mental illness go hand in hand,”” Barber said. Barber also said that “”there is no shame and no stigma attached”” to mental illness, which was why, he said, it was important for him to share that he had been diagnosed and treated for post-traumatic stress disorder. For sharing his own personal struggle in an effort to reach out to others, a pass goes to Ron Barber.

— Editorials are determined by the Daily Wildcat editorial board and written by one of its members. They are Kristina Bui, Ken Contrata, Michelle A. Monroe and Heather Price-Wright. They can be reached at

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