Paramore shows new maturity on latest

Paramore shows new maturity on latest

Emily Moore

Paramore: Love them or hate them, they’re still around — and kicking and screaming. Tuesday marked the release of the Grammy-nominated Tennessee rock band’s third album, Brand New Eyes.

Crowds are in for a pleasant surprise to hear their matured, yet angrier than ever, sound. It’s something everyone can relate to while blasting the music and singing along. Lead singer Hayley Williams is still yelling out her feelings, and the rest of the band — lead guitarist Josh Farro, drummer Zac Farro, bassist Jeremy Davis and rhythm guitarist Taylor York — is still angsty with a sound defineable only as “”Paramore.””

The band offers more versatility on this album, which features a good ratio of slow to upbeat songs. “”Misguided Ghosts,”” in which Williams is able to show off her vocals, meticulously complemented with a slower, more melancholy sound, offers a unique, acoustic style you’ve never heard from the band before. Upon your first listen, you may not realize it’s actually them.

All of the songs on this album are good and stand out in their own way. From tracks one to 11, you will find yourself enjoying every beat and every word. With a matured audience comes a matured sound, proving that Paramore is evolving with each album and not fading from the limelight.

Rating: 4/5