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    Fast Quiz

    1. What is Britain’s most commonly planted tree?

    2. Which bodily fluid is one of the most fatty substances known to man?

    3. Which vegetable shares one-third of its DNA with humans?

    4. What actor was listed on his birth certificate as a girl?

    5. What is the shortest poem ever?

    6. What is the longest word that can be made only using the letters on the top row of a keyboard?

    7. How often does a person step on a
    land mine?

    8. How long is the longest penis ever recorded?

    1. The Sitka spruce. 2. Semen. 3. Lettuce. 4. Clark Gable. 5. ‘Adam, hae’em’ (That’s all.) 6. Typewriter.
    7. Every 20 minutes. 8. 13.5 inches.

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