“On the Spot: Michelle Mathews, CODE games room”

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Who is your No. 1 Wildcat baller?


Did you hear he just recently broke off his engagement?

No I didn’t, ooh…

How do you feel about Duke?

They are too cocky and they rely on their scores and forget about the game. They need to have more heart and the ‘Cats are known for that.

What are your plans if you move on to the next bracket?

Partying most definitely.

Losing plans?

I’ll be sad.

Would rather date someone who went to ASU or Duke, both devils?

That’s hard, yeah they are both evil. I guess I’d have to go with Duke.

When was the last time you told a white lie? Don’t lie.

A few days ago, spring break to my family about how much I had drank the night before on St. Patty’s day.