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    In response to “ASA files federal lawsuit against ABOR citing First Amendment rights violation” (by Brittny Mejia, Feb. 13):

    The article states that “without the fee it will really handcuff our ability to meet the realities of the 21st century media operation.” But the dominating reality of media in the 21st century is the loss of print (and so far to a lesser extent radio and tv) advertising revenue, which any normal newspaper cannot just replace with a fee.

    In fact, finding a truly market-based solution to that problem is THE challenge for any newspaper, and trying different ideas for such a solution would be a much better practice for anyone wanting to go into media than simply asking for a fee. How about better reporting? Voluntary payment schemes? They work for some newspapers.

    And let’s face it, even if the fee was refundable, the refundable part is little more than a smoke screen. You could not just uncheck a box in UAccess, as people might think, given that we’re in the 21st century.

    (In fact, part of the Rec Center fee is already refundable, and pretty much no one asks for their refund, because it’s quite a hassle and takes an undue amount of time and running around.)

    And if the Daily Wildcat is a quality outlet covering campus news, then I look forward to an unbiased article covering the pros and cons of this proposal, including the views of people outside of student media. So far all we’ve got is the Daily Wildcat using their pulpit for an advertising piece in their own favor! Talk about conflict of interest.

    There are many more worthwhile and beneficial causes on campus that do not reach a similarly big audience as a newspaper and can therefore not just go and drum up support for a fee to support their operations. Think ASA, for example, who saved students thousands of dollars in tuition last year, by lobbying against and defeating multiple proposals in the AZ legislature. Their fee was effectively just scrapped by ABOR.

    — Robert Jacobi

    In response to “‘Racist rager’ at Duke necessitates official response, further discussion about stereotypes” (by Kristina Bui, Feb. 11):

    “Let’s have the Asian girl write this article! That will give us so much credibility!”

    Look, it’s great that you want to talk about this, but I noticed a lack of suggestions for retribution. The conversation you allude to could very well be happening while Moneta works with student groups. The Daily Wildcat does the exact same thing with offensive stories/comments and you guys apologize and move on — I don’t recollect you calling for more punishment then. Your very own apology said printing the comic “was a failure to weigh the perspectives and experiences of others.” Didn’t Duke do the same thing? Their entire chapter was suspended and all you did was fire the cartoonist. You think you learned your lesson and they haven’t?

    I get that you feel like you have to publish news. The fraternity’s acts were frightfully insulting, but pointing that out isn’t necessary — we all know that. Try instead to talk about why it’s wrong and discuss real action that can be taken to prevent it. Talking, as has been shown by your paper again and again, has yet to solve anything.

    —_ Wildcat_

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