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    Police Beat: July 18

    No medical card for meth

    UAPD received a call from a UA custodian who noticed two non-UA affiliated males take drugs out of a toilet paper holder from one of the bathrooms in the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering building on July 6 at 1:47 a.m. Officers arrived on the scene and made contact with both male suspects. A records check was performed on both suspects, and one suspect displayed an active misdemeanor warrant while the other suspect had none. The men told the officers that they were dropped off by a cab and were walking to “UMC, known as University of Arizona Medical Center.” It was noted in the report that the suspects initially denied going into the AME building. One of the suspects stated that he entered the building earlier that day because he left his keys. The other suspect denied going into the building at all. One of the suspects then began to complain of chest pain and told officers he could not breathe. Officers called for medical assistance.

    The second officer spoke to the custodian, who said that the male suspect forgot his books inside. He gave him access and escorted him upstairs where the suspect went into the bathroom. The custodian noticed the suspect pull out a baggie from the toilet paper dispenser. He asked the suspect what he had and the suspect replied, “It’s bud. I have a card from California.” Officers asked the suspect if he told the custodian he had drugs, and he replied, “Yes. But all I have right now is glass cleaner which is legal.” Officers asked the suspect if he still had the glass cleaner on him. The suspect removed a small plastic vial with a black top from his right front pocket. It was noted in the report that the vial contained a white powder. The suspect was placed under arrest. Tucson Fire Department arrived on the scene to evaluate the health condition of the suspect. The suspect was later transported to UAMC due to cardiac problems. The vial was taken back to UAPD, and the white powder inside tested positive for methamphetamines. Evidence from the scene was placed into UAPD Property and Evidence and the vial of white residue was sent to a Department of Public Safety lab for testing. The other suspect was warned of trespassing and released from the scene.

    Lucky number four

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer noticed a white Pontiac Firebird traveling between two lanes at high speed on Speedway Boulevard on July 7 at 2:27 a.m. The officer flashed his emergency lights and pulled the driver over into a parking lot. Officers approached the vehicle and the suspect was identified by his Washington driver’s license. Officers asked the male suspect for his insurance card and registration. The suspect was carrying an insurance card for a Harley Davidson motorcycle and had expired registration on the vehicle. Officers noted in the report that there was a moderate odor of intoxicants coming from the vehicle and the driver had bloodshot, watery eyes. Officers asked the suspect to step out of the vehicle, and conducted a series of field sobriety tests. When officers began the breath test, the suspect said, “I had bronchitis and am still recovering from it.” It took him three attempts to submit a sufficient sample. The test results came back positive for intoxication. The suspect was read his Miranda rights and officers placed him under arrest. The suspect was cited with aggrevated DUI, and was taken back to headquarters for further testing and processing. It was noted in the report that four breath tests were issued. The suspect signed a duplicate test advisory and stated he wanted an independent test. Officers took the suspect to the University of Arizona Medical Center for the independent testing. The Pontiac was impounded for a minimum of 30 days. Evidence from the scene was placed into UAPD Property and Evidence.

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