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POBEAT: 1/27/17

Simon Asher

Too drunk to notice the floor booze

On Saturday, Jan 22, a University of Arizona Police Department officer arrested a student for underage drinking, and diverted two other males for the same reason. 

Upon arrival at the dorm, the officer could hear loud noise and smell alcohol from outside the door. As soon as he knocked, all noise stopped. The officer opened the door to three drunk underage males. The males denied entry to the officer and denied possession of alcohol when the officer clearly saw vodka on the floor next to red solo cups and orange Fanta. 

When the officer identified and questioned the males, he noticed one of the males began slumping slowly towards the floor before falling completely. 

The officer requested a medical check on the male. The officer retrieved the alcohol. One male told the officer that he drank nine shots.

The officer then arrested cited and released one of the males and escorted him to his room where his roommate kept an eye on him. He arrested one and diverted the other two for being underage and drinking.

“Where’s my lawyer?!”

Two UAPD officers working a residence life patrol on Jan. 22 saw an Uber drop off two intoxicated females. One was helping the other walk because she was having serious difficulties maintaining her balance. After catching up to them, an officer spoke to the female struggling to walk while the other officer tried to locate the female that helped her. 

The first female was clearly intoxicated and disoriented. The officer spoke to her briefly, and once he identified her as an intoxicated minor, he diverted her to the Dean of Students and left her with a friend. 

A short time later, an RA told the officer the female was alone sitting in her vomit. She received medical treatment, during which she said she took six shots. 

Meanwhile, the second female was also visually intoxicated and was fast to walk away from officers. As soon as the officers ordered her to stop, she ran away from him through the hallways, yelling she wanted her lawyer and refused to answer any questions. 

She was put under arrest immediately while demanding she be read her Miranda rights. 

The officer determined there was no need to question her anymore. She was also diverted to the dean of students for being an intoxicated minor.

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