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Athlete of the Week: K’Lee Arredondo

Arizona softball shortstop K’Lee Arredondo is coming off a 7-for-11 hitting weekend against the Oregon State Beavers. The senior talked with the Arizona Daily Wildcat to discuss her future after softball, her love of chocolate and why Kobe Bryant is better than LeBron James.

Daily Wildcat: How do you feel like you guys are doing as a team and where you’re at this season with these couple of road trips coming up?

K’Lee Arredondo: I’ve been really impressed with this team. We’ve lost some tough games, but we’ve won some tough games as well. It just shows the heart that this team has and how far we can go this season. It’s just all what we want to do — we have the potential to make this season however we want it. It’s very exciting.

You’re a psychology major?

Yeah, well actually I minored in criminal justice. I’m applying to the Tempe Police Department this summer and testing in November.

So a cop?


Does (being) a psychology major, taking all those classes, does it help you think as an athlete?

I don’t really … I liked criminal justice more than anything so I don’t pay attention to the psych part.

Just get the degree?


Your label here is kind of as the fiery leader — really serious. Are you the same way off the field too?

Off the field I think I’m two different people. When we’re on the field, it’s straight business. I mean, this is my job. This is what I came here to do. I came here to win a national championship and off the field I like to have a lot of fun. I think it’s two different roles that I have.

I know Kurt Heyer of the baseball team, he likes to sleep with the ball. Do you have any weird pre-game superstitions?

I just always have to listen to my music.

What’s on the iPod?

It kind of just differs. I have some music I like to call chill, some country music and then some rap music.

So if you didn’t have a game, you would’ve gone to Country Thunder maybe?

Oh, definitely. That’s what’s on the agenda next year.

Do you have any weird habits? I know Kenzie (Fowler) makes headbands and Brittany (Lastrapes) eats syrup with everything.

I like sweets. I’m a chocolate addict. I always have to have a sweet. I think I have to have a sweet every day.

What’s your favorite sweet then?

Umm … I’m going to have to go with yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting.

Fair enough. What does the (jersey) number seven come from?

I kind of chose it a little after Mickey Mantle. He was a switch hitter and when I first came here I was a switch hitter. It was kind of a resemblance. I liked it; I like the number seven. It’s a lucky number for me.

What about favorite sports teams, other than softball?

I don’t really have any favorite ones.

You don’t follow anything?

Nope, not really.

Well, can you help me figure out the debate between Kobe and LeBron? Who’s better?

Um, I’m going to say Kobe. He’s older, he’s wiser and he has more championships under his belt.

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