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    Tuck Max into your reading lists

    Womanizers want to be him, feminists want to beat him.

    Tucker Max’s novel is the ultimate guilty pleasure. Max does not beat around the bush; instead he shoves his self-serving dark side in your face. Originally a blogger, Max filled his novel with anecdotes from sloppy nights out.

    From adventures in Breathalyzer competitions to bar fights and all things kinky, Max is quick to show off that he’s done it all, has pushed the envelope and has done so with no regrets.

    This New York Times bestselling novel is highly entertaining. It brings a “”laugh-out-loud-from-sheer-astonishment”” response from most, but does leave some disgusted and appalled by its vulgarity.

    Extra incentives to pick up this book

    Here are a few morsels from Max’s blog,

    “”Tucker Max”” is the ultimate drunk stage. Never mind about operating heavy machinery; I have trouble figuring out door knobs. The only benefit is that I don’t have to worry about driving because I can’t even find my keys. Any of several things can happen at Tucker Max Drunk. I can:

    -black out;

    -hook up with ugly or fat girls;

    -fail to hook up with hot girls because I pass out on them;

    -vomit uncontrollably;

    -make loud, boisterous and thoroughly untruthful claims about my achievements;

    -commit myself to large and utterly hopeless wagers that I have no way of covering;

    -claim to be an renowned expert on things I could not begin to explain when sober;

    -start fights with small, defenseless people;

    -break things;

    -become very angry with inanimate objects, and loudly curse them;

    -say anything, no matter how offensive or mean, to anyone, no matter how helpless or undeserving;

    -wake up somewhere that I have never seen before, and do not recognize;

    -have long and involved conversations over important topics that I have no recollection of the next day.

    UA student opinions: guys vs girls

    It seems to be a general consensus: Set your conscience aside, and you will find Tucker Max’s self-serving attitude to be cool and his adventures to be hilarious.

    “”There is one part of me that thinks he is awesome because he gets whatever he wants and he doesn’t give a shit either way, but the moral part of me doesn’t think he’s so great.””
    -Ryan Jacobs, pre-business sophomore

    “”I think he has a cool attitude because he will try anything. He doesn’t care if he fails or not because he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. I don’t think it is offensive because it is reality.””
    -Gerhart Enders, architecture freshman

    “”I think it’s hilarious. You can’t take guys seriously; boys will be boys.””
    -Annie Gould, pre-business sophomore

    Steps to have a night deemed “”Tucker Max””-worthy:

    1. Never allow for a “”quiet night in””
    2. Build up enough tolerance to not be subject to alcohol poisoning
    3. Sharpen your womanizing skills
    4. Use excessive amounts of hair gel
    5. Bathe in your vanity
    6. Consume alcohol like it’s going out of style
    7. Always be up for anything – never say no.

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