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    The writer’s strike is officially over after a 100 day run – nearly beating the dead horse that is reality and game show television into our brains so that some settled to watch “”Gossip Girl”” desperate for a plot. Nonetheless shows like “”Grey’s Anatomy”” (right) and “”Two and a Half Men”” are scheduled to start airing again soon, probably around April, because they basically have jack-squat under their belts to run with. I don’t think I am alone when I say that I was beginning to enjoy the mindless television I was seeing on NBC and CBS. The show where they put frightened-looking people in chairs with scary downward blue lighting and ask them questions to see if they lied is quite amusing – especially when they bring the couples and ask personal questions. Those shows were never a commitment, but more like a one-night stand – quick, to the point, and kind of awkward when it’s all over. A show like “”Lost”” or “”Grey’s Anatomy”” requires a certain kind of commitment that I am not sure I can give at this moment.

    I wonder what kind of money tire companies make here in the greater Tucson area, let alone around the UA. Has anyone else noticed the mountainous peaks that prevail near the roundabout in front of the Coronado Residence Hall, or the razor cut shaped holes that are on North Euclid Avenue south of East Speedway Boulevard – or any other holes that are probably within a one-mile radius of where you are for that matter? I am honestly shocked that the city gets away with these road conditions. As if Tucson drivers aren’t bad enough as it is – with their tailgating techniques and quick-to-respond-to-a-green-light ways that comes from every third car being from a different state of shitty drivers or being driven by an old person who hasn’t renewed their license since they were 26, which you can thank Arizona law for – we have to add on the feeling of cobblestone and hell under our wheels? From my observations, which have been deemed fairly accurate in the past, there is a certain quick-fix the city likes to do – you could almost call it a fad diet for the roads. They seal up the problem areas with some tar-looking black substance – which you could call the “”cabbage soup approach”” to stick with the analogy – and the second it rains we are back to square one again – that 10 pounds is right back where it was to begin with. Meaning: It doesn’t work!

    When I first heard they traded Sean Marion and Marcus Banks for Shawuille O’Neal (left) last week, I immediately envisioned a limping dog trotting over to the U.S. Airways Center. After some long thinking, I realized it was a good move for the Phoenix Suns. They want a big-man option and someone to clog the middle – low-post scoring, be an enforcer – all that sports lingo my dad tried to explain to me. But one cannot deny that with Shaq on the court they won’t be able to smash Steve Nash into a wall anymore or fake a knee to the nads. And maybe, just maybe, we could beat the Spurs in a deciding game. Yes, the man is pushing 40 (sort-of) but he stands at a ginormous 7-foot-1, lest to say he takes up a lot of space – there has to be some hope just with that. I think we all need to give the Suns and Steve Kerr some credit for their decision – although not fully put to the test yet, I feel there is a shining beacon of light for the Suns in the playoffs after this trade.

    A word about Valentine’s Day

    It’s not just about boyfriends and girlfriends! My parents send me and my sister a Valentine’s Day card every year. If you don’t think you have a Valentine, you do! Perhaps your parents, an aunt or an uncle, or even a cousin – it’s the day of love, not sex. Essentially, it’s a holiday for everyone!

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