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    Sequels dominate this year’s video game scene

     Every year sees a slew of new video games, and every year some succeed and some flop. Lists and rankings are constructed of the best and worst, and while most tend to be similar, it’s always worth discussion. So, bearing that in mind, here are some of the best — and worst — games from this school year.


    BEST SPORTS GAME: 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

    A football game was undoubtedly the best sports game this year, but not in the way you’d think. In the United States, we call it soccer. While “”Madden NFL 10″” is great, the recent “”2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa”” is far better. The gameplay is constant with few stoppages. With dozens of countries to choose from, citizens of our “”melting pot”” country get a chance to represent their heritage. It’s also easy to learn and fun to play, which is why FIFA takes the cup.


    BEST ADVENTURE GAME: Assassin’s Creed 2

    The first “”Assassin’s Creed”” brought players into a past they had never known. You got the chance to explore a fantastical reality in a setting many learned about in history. “”Assassin’s Creed 2″” did much of the same but went even further and did it better. Fans of Dan Brown loved the way historical aspects were integrated into the compelling tale, and the twist ending left heads reeling. As far as the gameplay goes, the sequel solved the first game’s major problem: variety. As Ezio, you now have many weapons to chose from, different enemies to fight and even more locations to explore. While the replay value is low, it will always be a fun game to pick up when you want to exercise your inner assassin.


    BEST SHOOTER: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    What can I say about this game? To the chagrin of girlfriends — and maybe some boyfriends — everyone ate this shooter up. It singlehandedly presented the best opportunity for gamers to showcase their sharpshooting and trash talking skills. While artistically it may not have made much of an impact, the multiplayer was a smashing success and this installation of the franchise will be played even after its next hit.



    No game was as innovative or ambitious as “”Heavy Rain.”” The story is centered on the Origami Killer and those investigating his serial murders. What makes this game so interesting is that its value lies wholly within the character development. The story unfolds like a movie and you will often find yourself getting caught up in the tale without realizing you are playing it. Be warned though: This game is not for those looking for something full of action, but it is paced well.



    This game was probably one of the most anticipated releases since “”Final Fantasy XII”” came out in 2006. The series is one of the most acclaimed and “”XIII”” looked to continue the legacy of revolutionary hits. When it was released in Japan, critics gave it near perfect scores and raved about its fast-paced combat system and eye-popping graphics. When it reached North America however, the reviews weren’t as kind. Many felt it was a great game, but it suffered from one fatal flaw: linear gameplay. An RPG is meant to be open-ended and explorative — “”Final Fantasy XIII”” was not. Couple that with a tutorial segment that went on for more than 10 hours of gameplay and Square-Enix had many outraged Final Fantasy fans on its hands.

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