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Here’s High School Musical’s top 10 most memorable moments

Disney Channel fans everywhere are collectively rejoicing. Why? Because the cast of High School Musical — yes, the whole cast — will reunite this Wednesday, Jan. 20, for its 10-year reunion. 

In honor of aforementioned reunion, here are HSM’s top 10 most memorable moments. 

1. Troy and Gabriella meeting on stage at the ski resort’s New Year’s Eve party.

Just admit it. Anyone who has gone on a New Year’s ski trip has wanted this to happen to them.

2. Troy and Gabriella taking selfies on each other’s phones before selfies became a thing.

3. The way Ms. Darbus pronounces “musical” and her lack of understanding basketball.

“This school is about more than just young men in baggy shorts flinging balls for touchdowns.”

4. When Chad says, “I’ve been behind on homework since preschool.”


5. Sharpay screaming “Everybody quiet.”

There’s no way you could have forgotten that one.

6. When Gabriella found a note in her locker from Troy telling her to meet him in the secret garden on the roof of the school.

This makes us wish locker notes were still a thing.

7. Sharpay and Ryan’s unforgettable audition for the school musical.

I don’t know what’s worse — Sharpay’s bedazzled microphone or Ryan’s lime green hat.

8. Troy and Gabriella falling in love as they perform “Breaking Free” together in the middle of Troy’s basketball game and Gabriella’s scholastic decathlon.


Sorry, but it doesn’t get more cliché than that.

9. The entire lunchroom breaking out to “Stick to the Status Quo,” because a basketball player who can make crème brûlée and a smart girl who likes to dance is way too much for these high schoolers to handle.

10. The amount of frustration we all felt when Chad ruined Troy and Gabriella’s almost-kiss.


Enjoy the reunion, Wildcats. 

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