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    Police Beat: Feb. 23

    Track and field stadium tagged

    Graffiti was found at Roy P. Drachman Track and Field Stadium on Feb. 17 at 8:15 a.m.

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer responded to a call from a UA employee at the stadium. The employee said that sometime after the stadium was closed on Feb. 15, and before it was opened on Feb. 16, the security fence was cut and graffiti was spray-painted throughout the area.

    The employee had already reported the incident for cleanup to Facilities Management.

    The officer inspected the damage at the track.

    There were a number of areas on the exterior fence which had been patched already and it was not clear where the cuts to the fence were.

    The officer found six spray-painted areas including the bleachers, two sheds, the sign for the soccer field and two metal signs on the north end of the soccer field.

    The west bleachers of the track had been sprayed with white paints in multiple patterns spanning the entire length of the rear seating area. The graffiti was approximately six feet tall and had two faces, unintelligible lettering and designs, with “”Shiz?”” and “”BITO BITO BITO”” repeated six times.

    The two sheds were each painted with a different design.

    One of the sheds had the word “”BAF”” in orange spray paint, the other had “”FN”” and “”The jam dee surp”” written in black paint.

    The sign on the soccer field had “”-DSO-“” written on it in orange spray paint.

    The metal signs by the soccer field had an unreadable green design on one sign and the word “”Chong”” in orange paint on the other.

    The UA paint shop responded to clean the graffiti.

    The officer took pictures of the graffiti and placed them into UAPD evidence.

    What’s mine is mine

    A female UA student reported that another resident in her hall had stolen her necklace to UAPD on Saturday.

    Two UAPD officers responded to Coronado Residence Hall at 7:42 p.m., regarding the matter between the two female residents.

    The officers met with a resident assistant and were escorted to the room of the resident who reported the incident.

    The student said that a few days prior to Feb. 17 a former acquaintance, who lives in the adjacent suite, entered the students’ room through the shared bathroom and took a necklace.

    The student did not initially know that she was missing the necklace until she saw the acquaintance wearing the necklace around the hall after Feb. 17.

    The student asked for the necklace back and the acquaintance refused.

    The student showed the officers a text message from the acquaintance that read, “”Holy shit I’m fucking taking your fucking necklace.””

    The student spoke to the resident assistant after receiving the text message. The RA attempted to make contact with the acquaintance but failed and advised the student to contact UAPD.

    The student only wanted the necklace back and did not want to pursue any type of criminal charges.

    The officers attempted to contact the acquaintance in her room but she was not home.

    One of the officers called the acquaintance and arranged to meet with her at the hall.

    At around 8:25 p.m., the acquaintance arrived and gave the necklace to the officers.

    The acquaintance was upset that UAPD was there and said that the entire situation was “”stupid”” and “”bullshit.””

    The acquaintance never intended to steal the necklace and said that the text message was a typo because she meant to say that she was not taking the necklace.

    The officers told both parties that UA Residence Life would be notified of the incident.

    The officers advised each woman to avoid contact and conflict until the mediation meeting.

    The officers filled out a Dean of Students Office code of conduct referral form about the acquaintance.

    Student removed from UW game

    A male UA student was ejected from McKale Center on Saturday at 5:02 p.m., for disorderly conduct.

    The student was removed after arguing with staff and UAPD at the basketball game between the Wildcats and the Washington Huskies.

    A UAPD officer was walking between sections 23 and 24 when the officer saw a student standing above the players’ exit.

    A UA employee confronted the student and asked to see his hand stamp for that particular section.

    The student became upset and started yelling, asking why he couldn’t be in the section just for halftime.

    When the employee told the student to leave the section the student refused and continued to yell.

    The officer intervened, told the student that he needed to leave and grabbed the student by the arm.

    The student protested and broke free from the officer’s grip, the officer then grabbed the student by the shirt and proceeded to escort the student. The student continued to pull away from the officer, who warned the student numerous times to stop resisting. Soon, another team member came to assist the officer by securing the student’s other arm and taking the student to the ground.

    The officer told the student to roll over on the ground while the officer had the student in a reverse wrist lock.

    The student told the officer that the officer was “”out of control,”” but eventually complied and rolled over onto his stomach.

    The officer handcuffed the student and escorted him from McKale Center.

    The student said that he was in the section to taunt and boo the Washington basketball team as they exited the court for halftime.

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