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Mailbag: Jan 21.

On “”Dually noted: Should students be considered customers?”” Jan. 19

Another perspective to consider which is part of what makes higher education such a complicated business: the market is also a customer of higher education that dictates to some extent the qualities it wants in a student, who by these terms, is a product. Universities have to juggle the wants and needs of both students and the market along with traditional educational values held by faculty and the institution. For more information on this subject, Google “”Academic Capitalism”” — ground-breaking research by Gary Rhoades and Sheila Slaughter, both of whom are faculty members housed in the Center for the Study of Higher Education.

Shelley McGrath


On “”Gospel preachers return to UA”” Jan. 20

I wish these people would just. go. away. I’m a Christian too, but I don’t stop to listen to these so-called “”four square”” gospel preachers shout across OUR campus for some willing audience to listen, or furthermore feel the need to preach to my peers about my beliefs. Someone recently told me, “”Well, Jesus gave the sermon on the Mount.”” You’re totally right, but he also did not have a telephone or e-mail. He had to shout. These people don’t.


You’d think philosophy majors would be embarrassed enough by their degree choice to keep their mouths shut.



On “”Immigration reform group hosts forum”” Jan. 19

It is disturbing that in 21st-century America millions of hard-working immigrants have no rights and are forced to live in the shadows. So much for “”the beacon of democracy””! Congress MUST pass a comprehensive immigration reform NOW! Not next year, not in 2012! No more excuses and delays!

History will judge us harshly for yet another cruelty perpetrated by our politicians!

We can go to Iraq and Afghanistan to REFORM their way of life, spending our TRILLIONS of dollars of tax payer money. Why can’t we REFORM our own immigration system here?


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