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In case you missed it: Our top five news stories of the week

Mark Armao
Mark Armao/ The Daily Wildcat Nathan Venger, a University of Arizona Police Department officer gathers a bus driver’s information after the driver sideswiped a fire engine on campus. Venger is also a pre-pharmacy student at the UA.

A quick look at the Daily Wildcat’s top five stories published this week.

1. Sexual assault: What it means to the UA campus

Student shares story, officials weigh in on distorted reporting statistics

By Alison Dorf

Anna woke up to a strange man lying on top of her, his hands touching her breasts and between her legs over her clothes.

It was after 2 a.m., and she had fallen asleep at her best friend’s apartment after a party.

The only girl left in the apartment, she slept in a different room than everyone, only to wake up to find she was being sexually assaulted by a man she barely knew.

“I felt like I was in really grave danger,” Anna said.

But like many other sexual assault survivors, Anna never reported the assault to authorities.

2. UAPD officer in line of duty on Friday

False alarms, paperwork a typical night

By Mark Armao

University of Arizona Police Department officer Nathan Venger, 29, graduated from the UA in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in history and is currently taking classes as a pre-pharmacy student.

Accompanied by a Wildcat reporter, Venger headed out for his Friday night shift.

The first call Venger responded to involved a male student who was arguing with a bus driver who refused to give the student a ride because he wasn’t a resident of the apartment complex to which the shuttle runs. As Venger escorted him out of the bus, the student expressed his dissatisfaction with the proceedings in a string of loud, obscene remarks directed at the officer.

“I will spend the night in jail,” the student yelled from the back seat of the cruiser.

3. Are you a scaredy Wildcat?

By Michaela Kane, Science

Imagine this: you’re home alone at night when you hear a strange noise coming from upstairs, a tapping that sounds almost like footsteps. Suddenly, you are overcome with paranoia and your body tenses up, each muscle prepared to spring into action. Your heart beats faster and your hair stands on end. You’re scared, and your body knows it.

Fear is one of the most universal emotions humans experience, and because of that, its symptoms are widely known. But while the cause of fear may be easy to pinpoint — be it a chainsaw-wielding maniac or the impending doom of midterms — the way the body and mind react to a scare is a bit more complicated.

“The first thing that happens when someone is scared is an appraisal of the threat,” said Alfred Kaszniak, a professor in the UA department of psychology.

4. UA center wins award for NASA contribution

By Gabrielle Fernety

The UA Machining and Welding Center is contributing to NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope project by helping rebuild parts for a camera.

The Near Infrared Camera, or NIRCam, which is part of the James Webb Space Telescope Project, is designed to take pictures in the near infrared of very distant galaxies, in addition to helping astronomers study planets around other stars, said Marcia Rieke, a UA professor of astronomy and the NIRCam principal investigator.

“It’s a bigger telescope, so it can see further away, and it works at longer infrared wavelengths,” Rieke said. “It’s trying to be better at finding the most distant galaxies, and it works at wavelengths that are much better for studying other planets.”

5. Campus Watch: Carjacking in UA parking lot

By Daily Wildcat

Today at approximately 4:59 p.m., a University of Arizona student was carjacked in a university parking lot on 7th and Fremont.

The victim was approached by a man with a knife. She surrendered her vehicle and the suspect left the area. No one was injured.

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