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    Police Beat: Mar. 8

    Vulgar student ejected from ZonaZoo

    A male UA student was escorted from McKale Center after being excessively vulgar and argumentative with employees on March 3 at 5:40 p.m.

    Upon arrival, event staff informed the student, who approached the entrance of the arena wearing a red T-shirt that read, “”Welcome to the shit show,”” that he would

    not be admitted to the ZonaZoo because of the phrase on his T-shirt.

    The student began arguing with staff for several minutes and walked away.

    “”This is bullshit,”” the student said as he walked away. He then turned his shirt inside out and re-entered the line.

    The student was allowed to enter the arena after an event employee warned him that he would be ejected if the shirt were flipped around again.

    “”Whatever,”” the student said. The staff reminded him once more of possibly being ejected. “”Fuck all you guys,”” the student replied.

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer, working the ZonaZoo entrance to McKale Center, then approached the student and told him to leave the arena.

    The officer said that the student was not allowed entry because of his attitude, demeanor and vulgar language.

    Before he left, the officer warned the student of possible arrest for trespassing if the student were to return to McKale Center again on March 3.

    Piggy-back ride leads to MIP

    Two UA students were arrested for minor in possession on March 3 at 11:05 p.m., after a male was spotted carrying a female friend on his back.

    A UAPD officer, on patrol in the area of Lee Street and Vine Avenue, noticed two people walking in the street.

    The male student picked up the woman and began carrying her on his back. When the officer made contact with them, he noticed that they both smelt strongly of alcohol. They both admitted to drinking, but would not say where.

    The officer then administered a portable breath analysis test on the male and found it to be positive for alcohol.

    After being arrested for minor in possession, both students were cited and released on scene.

    Thundercat becomes repeat offender

    A UA alumnus’ phone was stolen from the Student Recreation Center on March 3 around 6 p.m.

    A UAPD officer responded to Villa del Puente Residence Hall and met with the alumnus at 6:30 p.m.

    The alumnus said that he was playing basketball at the Rec Center earlier in the evening and put his belongings down on the sideline of the basketball court.

    Another male player in his basketball game quit early and sat down on the sideline, near the man’s belongings. After the game, the alumnus could not find his iPhone.

    The man who was sitting on the sideline was the only one in the area during the time the phone disappeared.

    The alumnus had a clear description of the suspected man, down to his Thundercats t-shirt.

    Other witnesses at the Rec Center recognized the description as someone who had stolen another phone in the past.

    A witness told the officer the suspected man’s name and told the officer the location of suspect’s residence hall.

    The desk assistant at the hall brought up the man’s Facebook profile, and the alumnus recognized him as the suspect.

    The alumnus did not want to press charges on the suspected man, but wanted his phone returned.

    The officer attempted to make contact with the man but could not reach him with any of his listed phone numbers.

    The officer advised the alumnus that he would not be able to follow up in the case, because he did not want to press charges, and left a message on the suspect’s phone saying he could return the iPhone to the residence hall’s front desk with no questions asked.

    Ransom held for Droid

    A male UA student’s cell phone was stolen from Highland Market on March 3 around midnight.

    A UAPD officer met with the student at UAPD headquarters at 2:45 p.m., to discuss the theft.

    The student said that he accidentally left his Motorola Droid phone in the restaurant.

    The student called his Droid with an alternate cell phone and an unknown male answered the phone.

    “”I don’t meet with strangers for free,”” the man said on the phone.

    Thirty minutes later the student received a text message from his phone saying, “”The bidding starts at $200.””

    The student cancelled the phone’s service but said that he did not want to follow up for prosecution.

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