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    Police Beat: May 4

    Enjoy the ‘high life’

    A non-UA affiliated man was cited for consuming liquor in public outside of the Main Library on April 27.

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer on bike patrol noticed the man on the ground of the grassy area next to the library at 4:11 p.m.

    The officer approached the man to make sure he was alright and, upon approach, noticed him pick up a glass bottle and take a drink from it.

    The bottle contained a yellowish liquid and upon closer inspection, the officer recognized it as a 32-ounce bottle of Miller High Life beer.

    “”I like my beer,”” the man told the officer. “”I think I should be able to drink where I want.””

    However, the man was still cited for drinking in public.

    The officer then told the man to leave UA property and not return without legitimate reason.

    “”OK, I will go drink somewhere else,”” the man said as he left.

    Need to report to UAPD before you can replace

    A female UA student’s green card was stolen from the Main Library at the beginning of the semester.

    She was using the bathroom in the library and somehow misplaced her wallet around 7 p.m.

    In the several months that followed, the student was able to cancel her credit cards and replace her identification.

    However, she was not able to replace her permanent resident card because she did not file a police report.

    The incident was finally recorded and victim’s rights forms were given to the student.

    There were no witnesses or suspects at the time.

    Bro kicks dent in car in plain sight of owner

    A male UA student was allegedly seen kicking a dent into the fender of a car on April 22.

    A UAPD officer was dispatched to the Tyndall Avenue Parking Garage, at 2:15 a.m., about a car alarm when he noticed a truck in front of Kaibab-Huachuca Residence Hall with its alarm sounding and lights flashing.

    The officer was able to determine that this was the only vehicle with an active alarm in the area.

    He approached the vehicle and made contact with a female UA student who owned the car.

    She told the officer the alarm would not turn off and that she could not start the car while the alarm is active.

    The student contacted roadside service, but asked the officer for assistance in disconnecting the car alarm speaker.

    After disconnecting the alarm, she told the officer that another student had damaged her car.

    According to the student, the man kicked the front fender of the trunk and fell to the ground.

    After returning to his feet, he high-fived his friends and walked into the dorm, leaving a softball sized dent in the fender.

    A resident assistant of the hall knew the suspect and showed the officer to his room.

    The suspected male UA student was not in his room and could not be reached on his cell phone.

    The officer then returned to the female student and informed her that detectives may contact her about the damage.

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