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    In response to “UA medical club works to educate classmates on abortion” (by Maggie Driver, Sept. 17):

    Against abortion? Don’t have one.

    – pro-choice in Tucson

    As a labor and delivery nurse, I see all kinds of babies born that should not be…meth addicts, heroin users, even potheads destroy the ability for their offspring to be functioning members of society. I just wish they had the mental ability to pick an early, safe abortion, rather than one that lasts a life time and costs society millions of dollars and untold grief. It’s sad to see the outcome, and worse to see the RTLs not lining up to care for these mistakes.

    – Sick of Silly Arguments

    Human offspring are human beings, persons from fertilization.
    Abortion is homicide — the killing of one person by another.
    There is never a right to kill an innocent person. Prenatally, we are all innocent persons.

    A prenatal child has the right to be in the mother’s body. Parents have no right to evict their children from the crib or from the womb and let them die. Instead both parents, the father as well as the mother, owe them support and protection from harm.

    No government, nor any individual, has a just power to legally “de-person” any one of us, born or preborn.

    The proper purpose of the law is to side with the innocent, not against them.

    – Libertarian For Life

    There is no soul. This fetus is not living. The fetus is not thinking. It is an organization of cells that is unconscious to a very, very, very large degree. There is NOTHING immoral or unethical about abortion done properly and early by the choice of both parents where the mother has ultimate say. Abortion improves the world manyfold.

    – Richard Alan Russell

    Non-aggression is an ongoing obligation: it is never optional for anyone, even pregnant women. If the non-aggression obligation did not apply, then earning money versus stealing it and consensual sex versus rape would be morally indifferent behaviors. The obligation not to aggress is pre-political and pre-legal. It does not arise out of contract, agreement, or the law; rather, such devices presuppose this obligation. The obligation would exist even in a state of nature. This is because the obligation comes with our human nature, and we acquire this nature at conception.

    – Doris Gordon

    In response to “iPads should be replaced with more practical items” (by Elizabeth Eaton, Sept. 18):

    They can be useful, if they are a part of an organized instructional plan, such as implemented at the College of Medicine. While giving iPads to freshmen is interesting, we are not giving iPads to faculty and their departments will not pay for faculty to get one and use it in their courses. So there is no plan or incentive to incorporate the device into the instructional methods for courses. This distribution program needs to be a part of a larger effort involving departments and faculty.

    – Bruce Cameron

    I’m in engineering and I can tell you that iPads and Macs in general are terrible for what I need. Unless all you do is write papers and surf the internet, it is junk. Like the author said, you can’t install MATLAB, Flash or 90 percent of the other programs used in the corporate world today. Not to mention, I have yet (only been working four years) to see a business that uses iPads. They all use PCs with XP or Windows 7 loaded on them. Research what businesses use for their day to day work and learn that, not the crap that is “cool” because the “cool” gadgets don’t help you when you get out of college and you can’t use a PC or its associated programs.

    – Tim

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