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Guest Column: Capitalism is what this country needs, not the European-style socialism so many college students cry out for

Let’s take a step back from the word “capitalism” for just a second. Why does it trigger so much anger? Why is it so many recoil just thinking about it? Capitalism is actually the only moral economic system in existence because it allows me, the individual, to do whatever I want.

By capitalism, I mean a free, laissez faire market in which the individual’s right to trade freely is respected, self-sustainability is cultivated and government regulation does not impede upon any transaction.

It is an absurdity and a travesty to label capitalism as a force for corruption and evil. It is the only economic system that does not regulate on the basis of race, gender or socioeconomic status like centrally-planned economies do. It protects the individual’s rights so that he or she can live a fulfilling and productive life. The only thing that matters to a capitalist is whether someone can create value for them in exchange for what that person has to trade, or that person’s voluntary employment.

Central-planning—i.e. European-style socialism, universal healthcare, wealth-distribution, etc.—not capitalism, causes the greatest harm to a country. Socialism regulates on the basis of race, gender and religion. Communism violates the sacred rights of the individual. Centrally-planning an economy around arbitrary laws can only hurt a country. It may seem plausible in the short term, but it can destroy a civilization in the long run.

To me, capitalism is an ideal. True capitalism has never existed and the closest mankind came to a truly free market was during the Industrial Revolution in the United States. Since then, economies around the world have been crippled by regulations and restrictions. Government bureaucrats continue to create heaps and hordes of policy that limits the economic mobility of not only the wealthy value creators, but of the poor and middle class as well.

I love capitalism because it allows me to pursue my own purpose in the marketplace without having the burden of others leeching off of or looting from me what I have rightfully earned.

Capitalism is important to me because it is the economic extension of a broader truth: I have free will. I have the right to do whatever I want, so long as it does not infringe upon another person’s rights.

The rise in popularity of socialism, particularly among many of my fellow college students, concerns me deeply. Frankly, I don’t think they know what it can do. Socialism is a Trojan horse. It may look grand and noble on the outside, but once it’s through the gates, I promise you that it will overstep its boundaries onto your personal rights.

I wrote this because socialism is merely wishful thinking that will harm my own future, as well as yours. We cannot perfect society, so why ruin it for all of us in the pursuit of something unattainable? My future is not your social experiment. I am #CapitalistAndProud because I stand with true freedom, even though the odds are stacked against me.

Jackson Cassidy is freshman studying Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law. He is the co-president of STRIVE.

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