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    Channing Frye is an Internet nerd and ‘pretty nice at Guitar Hero’

    Channing Frye is an Internet nerd and pretty nice at Guitar Hero

    Editor’s note: The Wildcat sat down with former UA men’s basketball player and current Portland Trail Blazers center Channing Frye this weekend during his celebrity golf tournament for charity in Phoenix. Frye discussed his blogging habits, the fact that he’s an Internet nerd and how he’s trying learn to shred on the electric guitar.

    Wildcat: I’ve been reading your blog a little bit lately. That’s all you, right?

    Frye: That is extremely all me, yeah (laughs).

    Wildcat: You’ve done movie reviews. You write about your dogs. And, of course, you throw a little basketball in there, too. Where do you come up with your ideas to blog about?

    Frye: To be honest with you, I just – a lot of my friends in Portland are Internet nerds. So we always talk about stuff and discuss what to blog about. It’s just whatever comes to mind, you know? I’m going to write about anything that happens in my life that’s something interesting, that’s a story. If I have an opinion on something, whether you like it or not, I’m going to say it. I’m not going to be too politically correct all the time, but if you don’t like what I have to say, you can comment or say what you have to say. It’s interesting. It’s just true life, you know. I’m not saying stuff just to piss anybody off, I’m not saying stuff just to make friends. It’s just how I think, it’s just what it is, it’s just how I’m living. I like doing it. It’s a lot of fun.

    Wildcat: So are you an Internet nerd then?

    Frye: I’m getting there man. I’m getting there. I wasn’t really sure about doing it at first because I knew about Gilbert Arenas’ blog. But my friends really got me into it and I’m happy that they have. It’s a whole new world. Look how many people checked out Kobe jumping over a pool of snakes or the Aston Martin. So you gotta figure, it’s a new world. It’s a new age.

    Wildcat: Who got you into it?

    Frye: My guy, Ben Diggles. He owns that company DB Clay, and they put out the wallets that (The C. Frye Foundation) has on auction. He has his own blog, He’s my girlfriend’s best friend’s husband. So we actually kick it a lot and he’s turning into my best friend. He’s been all into blogging and got me hooked.

    Wildcat: I read on your blog that you’re trying to play guitar a little bit.

    Frye: Yeah, man (plays air guitar).

    Wildcat: How’s that going for you?

    Frye: It’s rough, man. It’s extremely complicated but I’m really happy my girl got it for me. It’s really a new challenge. It’s something new and something to get my mind off of everything else in the world.

    Wildcat: Can you play any songs yet?

    Frye: No, I’m still just trying to get the notes down without having to look. It’s a tough process.

    Wildcat: What kind of music do you listen to?

    Frye: I listen to everything. Everything. You name it and I probably listen to it. Other than country singing.

    Wildcat: I bet you’re big into Guitar Hero.

    Frye: Oh, I’m pretty nice at Guitar Hero. But that is way different than a regular guitar.

    Wildcat: Keep working, man. You’ll be fine.

    Frye: I’ll be rockin’ out soon.

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