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Awkward silences: It was the pause heard ‘round the world when Gov. Jan Brewer painfully paused during her opening statement in last week’s gubernatorial debate, apparently having lost her place in her notes. Video of the incident has been shown on news programs around the country and has gone viral, but none of that seems to matter. A new poll shows her lead over Democratic challenger Attorney General Terry Goddard has actually grown since the debates.

Tighter belts: As Tucsonans continue to struggle as a result of the recession, the city is tying its purse strings even tighter. The city council recently approved almost $3 million in additional cuts in spending for next year, and will have to do even more if a November ballot proposition to raise the city sales tax falls through.

Michael Bay’s foresight: Two asteroids passed within the moon’s orbit on Wednesday, with one coming within 50,000 miles of the Earth as it passed. It’s time for the government to take action on a danger long ago foretold by Michael Bay. I’m thinking Bruce Willis riding Optimus Prime helping Sean Connery break into Alcatraz ought to show that asteroid who’s boss. 

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The sunshine hate: Pastor Terry Jones announced Thursday that his church, Dove World Outreach Center, had canceled its plans to burn copies of the Quran on Sept. 11. The cancellation came after several days of everyone and their imam condemning the plan, saying it would, among other things, endanger U.S. troops abroad.

ADHD: Google, Inc. is rolling out its new “”instant search”” feature this week. According to Google, the new feature will begin to display live search results as soon as you begin typing in a keyword to search. It’s about time too; there’s no way the American people were going to continue waiting .32 seconds to see their 100,000 results. What year is this, 2007?

Un-torn ZonaZoo shirts: With the first home game of the football season just around the corner, UA fans can be assured of two things this Saturday: a Wildcats victory and a collection of ZonaZoo T-shirts so tattered and worn it looks like the wearer was involved in a thrashing accident while sitting in a blender. Ah, America. The only country in the world so rich we deliberately tear our clothes just to prove how rich we are.  

— Arizona Daily Wildcat

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