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    Letter to the Editor

    In response to “More emphasis on creativity needed in our education” (by Anthony Carli, Nov. 20)

    This article is spot-on about the issues pertaining to modern education. Hands-on, real-world projects should be implemented to educate students, rather than fact memorizing. Instead of droning on about ancient algorithms, students can better appreciate these concepts when they are being used directly to create something innovative. How can you expect college kids to get excited about coming to class if they are expected to sit and be passive listeners?

    If you are a professor who gives credit for attendance, you should re-evaluate yourself as an educator. The material you are presenting and knowledge you are imparting on your students should be the only incentive necessary.

    If you are a professor and can’t make a course worthwhile to attend without counting it as part of their grade, you are doing something wrong. Don’t act surprised when students cut corners and copy work when professors do the same by regurgitating lectures from Stanford and Princeton, show movies for class, and use pre-fabricated PowerPoints from textbook companies. What I really appreciate about Carli’s article is that he didn’t simply contribute to the outcries of education reform, but also provided specific solutions to the matter.

    — Connor Young is senior studying engineering management

    Online Comments

    In response to “Virginia school says farewell to ‘A’ design” (by Brittny Mejia, Nov. 14)

    I cannot express how disappointed I am in this topic and the university in this. I love my alma mater, but seriously?

    Last time I checked, the UA block “A” logo was red, white and blue; this logo is blue and white. The UA logo also has a peaked red internal “A” whereas the high school logo is a flat topped blue “A”.

    I’m no “logo” lawyer, but while they are similar, they are not copies. Why don’t they just attack any organization with an “A” in its name?

    I hope the university decides not to make the Collegiate Licensing Company lawyers rich and puts those dollars to better use of improving the university. I hope Appomattox High School fights this.

    — bigMAC099

    In response to “Week of events will promote transgender awareness” (by Casey Knox, Nov. 20)

    “I hope as a campus we move beyond the notion of tolerance and celebrate instead.” Really?

    I find officially-sponsored university events that focus on “celebration” of different lifestyles instead of “acceptance,” insensitive, biased, and potentially narrow-minded. How would LGBTQ feel if we had a straight person parade or polygamist event on campus?

    Since gender identity is at least partly a moral decision, any attempt to applaud and celebrate people who make such a decision isn’t “acceptance,” it’s persuasion. So naturally I find a “celebration” of transgender lifestyles as disturbing, insensitive, and offensive as a radical Christian demonstration, racist bake sale (like at UCLA), or polygamist event.

    Now, I do believe there is too much hatred against minorities like transgender people and how much violence transgender people have suffered is an urgent problem. So let’s keep the emphasis on treating each other like humans and preventing hate crimes, not on campus celebrations of what we believe to be right.

    Events that flaunt behavior that many people consider wrong and disturbing in their faces is exactly what the radical preachers on campus do, and they don’t exactly make people feel warm and fuzzy about Christianity. Such celebration of behavior that others disapprove of doesn’t help the cause of tolerance.

    — Cody P.

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