“On the spot: Brandon Weimer, pre-business freshman”

Brian Kimball

So being a business guy, obviously you know the economy is kind of in the crapper right now and everybody’s looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. What about yourself?

Well, I have a business myself, but I’m looking to maybe start multiple businesses. I don’t know if it’s get-rich-quick because it takes work to get rich. Nothing’s really easy I guess.

Would you do anything outrageous for a large sum of money?

Um, maybe. Depends what it is.

What about letting a celebrity poop on you for a million dollars?

(Laughs) Uh, probably not.

Really? We’re talking about a million dollars here, man. All you’ve got to do is sit there and let them drop a deuce and then you’re rich.

I’ll find a less embarrassing way to get a million dollars. (Laughs)

What about a billion, with a ‘b’? Yeah, you’ll be on YouTube, but afterward your wallet is going to be fat.

That is a lot of money. Potentially I’d do that. (Laughs) Probably, yeah.

What if you could choose the pooper? Would that make any kind of a difference?


Then who would you prefer to be pooped on by?

(Laughs) Uh, I don’t know. This is a hard question. (Calls to friend) Kyle.

Oh no man, you can’t get any help.

(To passerby) Who would you pick?

Passerby: To get pooped on? Probably somebody who eats a lot of organic food.

But really it doesn’t matter because you’re just going to wash it all off afterward anyway.

Yeah, I guess then somebody who’s just really hot.

But you don’t have a preferred pooper?

No. I’d rather not be pooped on. I’d rather not think about that.